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Tracking down comics in the East Valley

Posted by on January 4, 2012 – 5:30 am

With the rise of comics being available online in digital format, it’s easy to forget that there are places in the Valley that regularly sell comics — yes, printed books that you can hold and collect and keep! Digital comics, while convenient, deprive the avid comic book reader the feel and smell of the ink hot off the presses. It’s like comparing Captain Cold to Mr. Freeze! No contest! A file on a computer can never compare to the good old four-color fun.

Finding favorite comics can be like searching for Atlantis. Big companies like Barnes & Noble only provide mainstream graphic novels and an evil empire of manga! The online tool on the Comics Shop Locator website is useful for narrowing the search for local-based shops. But be warned, “dear reader,” most of these places may not necessarily check out, or event exist. It helps to call ahead to save the hassle of a long drive. Visiting some of these places can help you to get a better idea of the types of merchandise they regularly stock to find the perfect fit for you.

Greg's Comics (Google photo)My preferred shop in the East Valley for comics is Greg’s Comics located on the northwest shopping center between South Alma School Road and West Guadalupe Road. This shop works for me because they stock newly released books and have a large variety of back issues. They also carry graphic novels, bags and boards, action figures, and model kits.

The employees there are very welcoming and it is easy to take your time to look around the shop. I also like that they are able to answer any questions about comics that are coming out and they also offer to hold books for you to purchase at a later date.

Setting up a bin to hold your comics at Greg’s Comics is really easy and saves you the hassle of having to rush in every Wednesday to get the new releases.

If you are new to comics and want to get a better feel for the hobby or a long-time reader, I strongly suggest that you check out Greg’s Comics!

Where do you like to get your fix?

Nerdvana contributor Daniel Reichstein (danscomicblog@yahoo.com) has studied television and movie production at Scottsdale Community College and is pursuing a degree in technical writing at ASU. He welcomes comments and story ideas!

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  • KeL

    I’m not sure if it’s the case in the East Valley, but some locations of Barnes and Noble actually do sell single issues of comics. It’s a relatively recent change, but my local B&N has a decent chunk of the magazine section devoted to floppys. That being said, it’s always better to support your local comic shop!
    Also, you say the Captain Cold vs. Mr. Freeze is no contest (and I agree), but in which direction?

  • Daniel Reichstein

    Hey KeL!

    B&N can tend to be a hit or miss when it comes to getting issues every month but I hope you get a chance to check out this store.

    My statement that comparing Captain Cold to Mr. Freeze is no contest is based on the obvious ice powers that both villains share. However, I do feel that Captain Cold, a.k.a �Cing of Cold�, is the superior ice villain of the DC universe. Here are my top three reasons:

    3) Has a cool pair of shades that deflect the glare from his ice gun. Wow!
    2) Is not dependent on a freezing apparatus to survive. No refrigerator lairs for him!
    1) Formed a super-villain team (The Rogues) who are the greatest threat to any Scarlet Speedster. Global warming? No problem!

    No offense to Freeze, but his whole thing is about revenge. He can go cry me a glacier!

    Which side of frigid do you fall on?

  • http://www.seenbest-web-design.com Andre Morris

    Thanks for the news, we will definitely take a look! My son is a huge fan and future collector!