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7 must-have items for your Doctor Who 50th anniversary party

Posted by on November 18, 2013 – 8:30 am

(Guest submission by Lucy Markham)

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who’s first episode airing fast approaching, it’s time to think about how you want to celebrate. Hosting a party for your friends is a brilliant way to ring in “The Day of the Doctor,” and with these must-have items, you can make sure your party is as fantastic as the time vortex itself.

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

1. Themes

Choose a theme for your decorations to set the mood and personality of your party. You can decide to go all-out and base everything around your theme—including all the items below—or you can simply decorate the rooms in your house in the theme.

For example, if you picked Skaro as your theme, you could have fun with all your Dalek-related decorations—like a Dalek eyestalk coat rack, or a banner across the room saying “Exterminate.” Or you could go for something a little brighter, like the diamond planet called Midnight. Then you could decorate your rooms in all kinds of shininess, perhaps even going so far as to get inexpensive stones or gems, like what you’d find at a cheap engagement ring store. No matter what theme you choose, stick to those decorations throughout the common rooms in your house.

2. Food

Providing sustenance is a must at any party, even if they’re just snacks. And you’ll definitely want the food you provide to be Doctor Who-related, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay completely true to the show. If you don’t like fish, you don’t have to serve fish fingers and custard, but if you’re creative, you could come up with a tasty substitute that looks like fish fingers and custard, like fried bananas and pudding. Make some TARDIS-blue velvet cupcakes, and serve them next to some enemies, like Weeping Angel cookies.

If you want to stay true to the theme you’ve picked, you might have to get a little more creative, but you could always try to find something in the Whovian cookbook, Dining with the Doctor.

3. Plates/Cups

Obviously, you’ll need something to serve your food on, but unless you have appropriately Whovian dishes, you’ll want to find some plates and cups elsewhere (preferably paper, to cut down on the mess and clean-up). You might have to place an order with a store online to get the right theme, especially if you want your tableware to match the rest of the theme in your house. If you don’t want that extra hassle of finding a specific theme though, you could easily find some cool tableware almost anyplace you look.


4. Costumes

To really get in the spirit, have your friends come in costumes. Don’t go too extreme—it’s a party, not Comic-Con. If you plan the costumes, you could even get an even distribution of Doctors, companions, and enemies.

5. Decorations

The decorations are the most obvious set items you need to provide. A sonic screwdriver, TARDIS cut-out, and a fez hat are just a few of the items you could (and probably should) have around. Others you might consider could be a gas mask, an Agatha Christie novel, a toy dinosaur, and a clown mask. Be creative, and set up subtle reminders all over your common rooms for your guests see and have fun remembering the episodes each item came from.

6. Music

Before and after the episode comes on, you definitely want something going on in the background. You want to set the mood for the event even more, and what better way to do that than playing music? Go online with Grooveshark or Spotify, and set up a Doctor Who playlist, with all the theme songs for each regeneration and all of his companions.

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

7. The Show

Last of all comes the main event, “The Day of the Doctor.” Make sure you’ve got a TV with a screen large enough for everyone to enjoy the show. If you’re feeling really fun, you could even decorate the TV, giving it the Magpie’s Electronics logo to call back to the episode in David Tennant’s first season, “The Idiot’s Lantern” — although, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that logo has appeared many times since then too. It’ll be a fun reference to make, and you can see who among your friends is really a Whovian.

“The Day of the Doctor” is something to be celebrated. Fifty years is a big deal, and you want to make sure that you plan a party big enough. By incorporating these items, you can guarantee that your party will be known throughout all space and time—or at least that your guests will leave saying it was cool.


Lucy Markham is an avid blogger, and she consults part-time for Edwin Earls. As a recent homeowner, considers herself a bit of an expert on all things home improvement, gardening, and home decoration.