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How I met Davy Jones

Posted by on August 7, 2013 – 11:20 am

Me & Davy

“Now that the party’s over,
now that the noise is through,
now that the room is empty
there’s only me and you . . .

There were so many people trying to talk to you,
telling you how they need you, trying to get to you . . .”

— from the Monkees’ song “Party,” sung by Davy Jones, released on Rhino Records’ Missing Links, volume 1

When the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood hosted a screening of the cult classic Monkees’ movie Head a few years ago, I attended with one goal: meet Davy Jones.  Seeing Head on the big screen was awesome, but afterward Davy and Peter Tork hosted a panel discussion about the film, and I’d hoped to catch Davy for a picture and an autograph on his way out.

Clearly I wasn’t the only one, because the Monkees were mobbed.  Fortunately, I had already met Peter Tork, so his half of the crowd wasn’t a factor.  No, just a hundred middle-aged women and me, clamoring for a moment with the Daydream Believer himself.

Thankfully, I reached him shortly before he found the exit.  When I met Micky and Peter, I was a bit breathless, barely uttering a thank you for the decades of enjoyment the Monkees have given me.  This time, I had to be more direct, practically thrusting the album cover and Sharpee into Davy’s hand, then pointing up to the camera to capture the moment I’ve wanted for a lifetime.

Then, just as quickly, Davy was swept away in the current of the crowd.  Davy was known for making brief but poignant impacts on people’s lives.  Or haven’t you heard of his gracious connection to a Phoenix resident who will forever be grateful for him?

We spend so much time idolizing celebrities; when they take the time to validate us, the respect however brief becomes mutual, and legitimate.  The star suddenly becomes worthy of his pedestal — and this has become the legacy of Davy Jones.  My experience speaks for itself: for all the people at the party, he always managed to find a moment just for you.

Davy’s friends, the Monkees, will be performing this Friday at the Mesa Arts Center