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I’m Game: Bob Leeper — My FPS ‘deliverance’

Posted by on May 1, 2013 – 7:30 am


imgame5I’ve lived through the evolution of the video game, from the Pong and Atari home consoles of the seventies to the video arcades and the Nintendo home console of the eighties, and the emergence of PC games in the nineties. In recent years, I haven’t had as much time or money to devote to gaming as I would like, I even have a couple of games, like Batman: Arkham City & Batman: Arkham Asylum, that are still in their cellophane wrappers as I simply don’t have the time to spend on them; but one of these days the Dark Knight is going to rock my PS3 – with a vengeance.

Over the years there have been several games that I’ve been particularly fond of, like Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo system, my first role-playing game and the first game in which I devoted several all-nighters in order to complete (during off-duty nights while being stationed at the Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines.)

There is also a warm spot in my heart for the Microsoft Age of Empires series of real-time strategy PC games. My wife, Debbie, and I spent many nights playing different civilizations against each other and despite the multitude of different strategies I would attempt to employ – she would almost always defeat me with a well guarded “Wonder.”

My favorite type of game though is probably the first-person shooter, and although Half-Life is way up there in my favorites ranking, the game that got me hooked on the FPS format and that I remember with great affection is the politically incorrect Redneck Rampage, the 1997 FPS published by Interplay.

RedneckRampageRedneck Rampage was a ton of hillbilly themed fun where you played as the redneck, Leonard, and went up against alien vixens, evil jackalopes and turd-minions in order to save your prized pig, Bessie. The game was endlessly entertaining and made great use of its ‘backwoods’ environment, where you used weapons like a crossbow with a chicken-arrow (and a strategically placed stick of dynamite), ate moonpies and pork rinds for energy and if you drank too much liquor you would stumble around drunk until the alcohol wore off (or until you relieved yourself in the usual manner.)

There were several spin-offs and sequels to this game, but I’m not sure what ever happened to the franchise. (Maybe overkill?) I’d love to see an updated version utilizing today’s improved graphics and game systems, and a Redneck Rampage movie could be awesome! If you’ve never played this one, it’s worth finding a copy and giving it a shot (if it’s possible to make it work on today’s powerful PC systems.)

Looking forward, I’m really excited about the upcoming Bioshock Infinite game, the third in the very cool Bioshock series (another favorite of mine.) It appears to have a really nice Steampunk look and feel to it and I hope it is able to deliver a new and unique gaming experience.


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