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Mario puts on his war face in new web series

Posted by on December 11, 2012 – 8:01 pm

Remember the Mario of your childhood who used to harmlessly bounce off turtles in the Mushroom Kingdom and idly chat with Toad about princess locations not being where you thought they were? Well, the folks at BeatDownBoogie remember it a bit differently.

On Tuesday BeatDownBoogie, a small group of filmmakers, actors, and stuntmen known for their other video game parody Mordern War Gear Solid, officially released on Youtube their parodied take on the adventures of everyone’s favorite plumber in: Mario Warfare.

Mario Warfare documents the events of the original Mario Bros. as a dramatic war for the Mushroom Kingdom with the militaristic forces of Bowser close to conquering it. Only a select few characters are the kingdom’s last hope to win against Bowser’s army of Shy Guys and Bullet Bill.

The recently released episode shows off the gun and acrobatic talent of the chief bodyguard to Princess Peach and the King: Toad. The action is well constructed with tons of bullets flying, martial arts, and just a dash of comedy.

The group promised that the second episode is currently being edited for release soon, but plans for further episodes of the series rely on their recently launched Kickstarter. In their Kickstarter page, the BeatDownBoogie group hope to reach their goal of $20,000 in 29 days (as of writing this post) in order to complete the entire series in 2013. Check out the first episode of Mario Warfare below.

YouTube Preview Image