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The Free RPG Day that wasn’t

Posted by on June 22, 2011 – 10:10 pm

So Free RPG Day has come and gone, and here in the Valley we really didn’t get a chance to partake but for one shop I know of.

But you can still score some of the freebies that were offered, in digital form at least. Here are links to PDFs of the day’s booty of adventure modules and quick-start booklets:

I’ll fill in more of the un-linky ones as I find them — feel free to comment if I’ve missed something obvious!

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  • http://www.empiregamesaz.com EmpireGames

    This national event was so poorly planned and run it is sad. Personally I found out about it about four weeks in advance from a customer, so I started researching it. That day I found that it was “sold out” yet only one phoenix store was participating. Normally with events like this the group will contact stores and advertise to them, it would be nice to have enough of your kits to accomodate at least a majority of the stores as well.

  • http://cinderellamanjj.blogspot.com JJ

    Jason, it was poorly represented in northwest Ohio as well (Toledo). No store in the area was participating. Do you mind if I link to your post from my blog to share your links?

    • http://blogs.evtrib.com/nerdvana Jayson Peters

      Feel free to link! Thanks!

  • http://cinderellamanjj.blogspot.com JJ
  • banu

    Bless you my good man..

  • Taed

    I’m really eager to see “Settlers of Catan: Catanimal Variant rules”. Has anyone seen that one? If so, can you describe it?

    We had two participating stores near me. The first store says that it was gone already (though I was 20th or so in line), though perhaps they didn’t even have it (the person wasn’t sure). The second store didn’t have it either, but the person said that they think they saw it and it was just an advertisement so they threw it away.

    I did get the Tunnels & Trolls freebie, and that was very interesting for my son and I as we’d never played it, so we tried it out and it was interesting enough that we’d play in a group. We also got the Elven d6. There was also a raffle for the dice tower and we won that as well, which was a nice wooden dice tower with the Free RPG Day logo on it. My 10-year-old son loves it and uses it for every game now!

  • Taed

    I found another page that has links to scans:

    Including the Catan one that I was looking for (on the Mayfair site):