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Chet Phillips monkeys with pop art

Posted by on June 24, 2013 – 12:00 pm

Lights! Camera! Monkeys! Copyright (C) 2013 Chet Phillips Illustration

It’s a scientific fact that if you add an ape to any pop culture medium it’s coolness factor increases ten-fold. Well, …maybe scientists haven’t gotten around to proving this yet, but why do you think there have been so many comic book covers in which monkeys & gorillas play a prominent part? The reason is because it always increases the sales and comic publishers know this. Maybe it’s because we have a subconscious desire to be closer to our simian ancestors – or maybe it’s because apes are just incredibly awesome.

Dr. Howler - Copyright (C) 2013 Chet Phillips Illustration

Dr. Howler
Copyright (C) 2013 Chet Phillips Illustration

Austin, Texas artist Chet Phillips is a master of combining apes and monkeys with other already appealing genres, and he first caught my eye several years ago with his series of Steampunk Monkeys. His works are more than just fantastic pieces of art as Mr. Phillips creates elaborate back-stories for his characters, which have names like Ezekiel M. Nightshade, Phineas H. Flabbergast and Sebastian Cluttermuck.

Chet has recently unveiled one of his newest projects which has apes as the characters in scenes from popular genre films and television shows. The new series is called, “Lights! Camera! Monkeys!”, and includes pieces like “Monkey Trek,” “Lord of the Bananas,” “Planet of the Humans” and even “Dr. Howler.”

You can check out all of Chet Phillips art at chetart,com, visit his shop on Etsy, or if you’re attending the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con you can find him in the Small Press Area 0-1 (next to Oni Press.) Get there early though because last year many items sold out quickly.