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July 27, 2014 – 7:45 am |

Batman owns the San Diego Comic-Con this year, celebrating his 75th anniversary during the show, so we’re going to look at his historic milestone one more time.

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Max Brooks, Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee headline Phoenix Comicon Saturday

May 28, 2011 – 7:41 pm |
Max Brooks, Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee headline Phoenix Comicon Saturday

Phoenix Comicon is in full swing this weekend! Rather than tell you about it, I’m just gonna show you. Enjoy the pictures by Nerdvana contributor Pax Whitmore!

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LEGO my lightsaber!

May 25, 2011 – 4:16 am |

The closest LEGOLAND is far, far away, but soon you can get a taste of brick paradise here in the Valley — Jedi-style.

5/25: Geek Pride Day

May 24, 2011 – 10:47 am |

Wednesday the world celebrates Geek Pride Day. It’s a great run-up to the weekend fandemonium that is Phoenix Comicon.
Here’s how the St. Petersburg Times sums up the day’s meaning:
- The right to associate with other …

‘Weird Al’ is coming back to town

May 24, 2011 – 4:44 am |
Weird Al animated

Not even a year after his first show in a decade in Arizona outside of the State Fair, “Weird Al” Yankovic is coming back for more.
The pop-culture icon will perform 8 p.m. June 10 at …

It’s no myth: Adam Savage’s shocking ‘Doctor Who’ dance

May 23, 2011 – 11:45 pm |

Videos of people playing the Doctor Who theme music with Tesla coils aren’t that uncommon.
Videos of Mythbusters’ Adam Savage cage-dancing two Tesla coils are a bit more rare — and totally amazing.
From the Maker Faire …