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January 27, 2015 – 7:45 am |

Kids will be able to power up with the celebrity stars of the Power Rangers television shows during “Kid’s Day” at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, just one of the many family themed activities planned …

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Captain America a patriotic, pleasant action experience

July 22, 2011 – 12:15 am |

For those of you who may be hesitant to see ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ because you’re afraid you’ll be watching the Human Torch in a two-hour-long preview for the upcoming ‘Avengers’ movie, have no fear.

It came from Comic-Con: The Force is with Xbox 360

July 21, 2011 – 2:40 pm |

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, the Associated Press reports, Microsoft announced a ‘Star Wars’-themed Xbox 360 console modeled after R2-D2 with a wireless C-3PO controller and a 320G hard drive. The unit will also include droid sound effects, a white Kinect sensor, headset and ‘Kinect Star Wars’ game. The price tag: $449.99.

Preview night at San Diego Comic-Con

July 21, 2011 – 9:26 am |

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con kicked off with its teaser preview night on Wednesday and from all signs, it looks like it’s going to be another banner year for the con. Despite a reduced number …

This is what the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray looks like, American style

July 20, 2011 – 9:53 pm |

This is what the Star Wars complete Blu-ray collection will look like in the U.S.:

Not this, which apparently is the UK version:

Via TheForce.Net

Confusing notice on Netflix outage, credit

July 20, 2011 – 11:39 am |
Netflix streaming

Many Netflix users have been riled up by the online movie rental giant’s new pricing plan, which forces consumers to choose either unlimited streaming or one disc at a time for $7.99 a month or …