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December 21, 2014 – 7:45 am |

Two-Fisted Tales #27 from 1952 was published at the height of the Korean War and depicts what should have been our resolve towards recent North Korean threats.

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Nerdvana Replay: The Free RPG Day that wasn’t

June 29, 2011 – 12:30 pm | Comments Off
Nerdvana Replay: The Free RPG Day that wasn’t

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So Free RPG Day has come and gone, and here in the Valley we really didn’t get a chance to partake but …

Voyage Trekkers premiere at FilmBar in Phoenix

June 29, 2011 – 10:49 am |
<em>Voyage Trekkers</em> premiere at FilmBar in Phoenix

Voyage Trekkers, the homegrown online sci-fi comedy series, is debuting July 18 – we knew that, but now we also know they’re celebrating the premiere with a screening at Phoenix’s FilmBar, 815 N. Second St.
You …

Arizona state police files compromised again

June 29, 2011 – 9:58 am |

This is getting embarrassing.
Not even a week after the Arizona Department of Public Safety suffered a serious cyberattack that resulted in the online publication of sensitive case files and officer’s phone numbers, home addresses and …

Operation latest board game to get Star Wars treatment

June 29, 2011 – 6:30 am |

Who can put R2 back together again?
Coming in September from Hasbro is a special Star Wars edition of the classic board game Operation, featuring R2-D2 as the patient and a fussy C-3PO:
The Rebel Alliance’s …

Review: Dark of the Moon brings out the best, brightest in Transformers trilogy

June 29, 2011 – 1:30 am |
Review: <em>Dark of the Moon</em> brings out the best, brightest in <em>Transformers</em> trilogy

True to the old saying “more than meets the eye,” Transformers: Dark of the Moon takes an iconic moment in American history and turns it into an action blockbuster that’s a dream for conspiracy theorists …