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Star Wars rumor roundup: stormtroopers, Han model, villains and Blu-ray redemption

August 16, 2014 – 11:30 pm

Star Wars rumors are flying like frenzied mynocks right now.

Cheese and glory of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 6th season is coming to Blu-ray

March 9, 2014 – 9:15 pm

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s sixth season is on course for a Blu-ray release this June.

Video review: We Are What We Are

January 7, 2014 – 7:45 am
We Are What We Are

This is one of the best horror movies of 2013 and my review of this dark, dank and disturbing film was one of NERDVANA’s top viewed articles of the year…

Doctor Who Christmas trailer seems to hold little back (spoilers?); Blu-ray dated

December 18, 2013 – 7:48 pm
Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor Blu-ray

It’s kinda spoiler-y.

Man of Steel comes home to a fortress of special features

November 12, 2013 – 8:35 am

Today, Man of Steel flies onto Blu-ray, DVD and digital download. How do the special features stack up?

Video review: Room 237 – Shines a light on ‘The Shining’ symbolism

September 30, 2013 – 7:23 pm
Room 237

Many believe ‘The Shining’ is rife with secret messages and symbolism, and the documentary film, Room 237, attempts to examine the movie’s layers of mystery.

Meddling kids investigate comic convention mystery

April 18, 2013 – 8:00 am

Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the gang investigate a pop culture mystery at a comic book convention.

Phoenix arcade to host real-life game from Wreck-It Ralph with soundtrack, Blu-ray giveaways

March 1, 2013 – 11:15 am
Wreck-It Ralph - © 2012 Disney

Want to win soundtracks or Blu-rays from “Wreck-It Ralph,” and play the real Fix-It Felix Jr. game from the movie?

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s epic ‘Best of Both Worlds’ on Blu-ray, big screen — where it belongs

February 12, 2013 – 9:19 pm

Resistance is, indeed, futile.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey discs out March 19, digital a week earlier

February 6, 2013 – 9:15 am

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD March 19. Digital platforms will make the film available for paid download March 12.

Review: The Dark Knight Rises above everyday Blu-ray experiences

December 5, 2012 – 12:45 pm

“The Dark Knight Rises” is available this week in Blu-ray combo pack, DVD and download.

Nerdvana giveaway: Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Celebration of Season 2

November 13, 2012 – 10:45 am

Nerdvana is giving away 5 pairs of passes to Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Celebration of Season 2, 7 p.m. Nov. 29 at AMC Ahwatukee 24.

Arizona retailers: Amazon sales tax deal levels playing field [LINK]

November 1, 2012 – 10:31 am

“We don’t want to be a showroom for Amazon.”

The Borg (and Riker’s beard) are headed back to the big screen

October 26, 2012 – 11:07 am

This summer we got to experience two episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s first season on the big screen to celebrate the season’s release on Blu-ray. Now, to mark the release of the second season …