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November 24, 2014 – 2:59 pm |

The teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released Friday in select cinemas and on iTunes.

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Power armor for LEGO minifigs, Ghostbusters screening, Robotech Kickstarter

July 7, 2014 – 1:01 am |

Today, “Get away from her you BRICKS!” Plus, Ghostbusters back on the big screen, and a Kickstarter for a Robotech return. It’s Embed Together!

AZ Collectors Marketplace brings seasonal shop to Mesa mall

December 17, 2013 – 8:45 am |

It’s a place where cultures clash but also where sports and comic memorabilia collectors can converge.

ASU football team LEGOs? No, but the next best thing (I guess)

September 6, 2013 – 7:00 am |

Ever heard of OYOs? Yeah, me neither. But that hasn’t stopped ASU from partnering with OYO Sportstoys to launch a range of “LEGO-compatible” minifigures clad in Sun Devil uniforms.

Classic Comic Cover Corner: Star Wars #7 (No, not that one!)

January 27, 2013 – 8:00 am |

With very little direction from Lucas’ then fledgling film company, Marvel Comics took the first step towards expanding the Star Wars universe with Star Wars #7.

Once A Nerd: A Bump on a Blog

January 10, 2013 – 11:06 am |

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more.
Hey, that’s no more self-indulgent than “lose weight,” okay?  And, in fact, it’s actually quite similar.
I’m trying to lose about 20 pounds of paperweight.  I’m notoriously …