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September 19, 2014 – 8:00 am |

Avast, ye lilly-livered bilge rats!

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Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones – Meanders off path

September 19, 2014 – 7:45 am |
A Walk Among the Tombstones

Liam Neeson proves, once again, that his screen presence is capable of elevating the most run-of-the-mill crime thriller into something worth sitting through.

Review: The Guest – An unwelcome entry

September 17, 2014 – 7:45 am |
The Guest

I had big expectations for the new thriller, unfortunately, this movie puts the “wack” in wacky and is an unwelcome entry into the horror/action mash-up genre.

Video review: Willow Creek – Fun found-footage Bigfoot flick

September 3, 2014 – 12:00 pm |
Willow Creek

Pack extra undies, this is a fun found-footage Bigfoot film with some superb acting and one lengthy uncut sequence that will scare the “squatch” out of you.

Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Part Dame, part same, part lame

August 22, 2014 – 7:50 am |
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Frank Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For” tale is completely intact and is worth the price of admission on its own, but the rest of the film is not nearly as great.

Review: Life After Beth – Dysfunctional zombies

August 22, 2014 – 7:45 am |
Life After Beth

If you dig goofy movies like “Napoleon Dynamite,” but think they’d be better with a few walking dead thrown in, then “Life After Beth” is the movie for you.