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April 16, 2014 – 11:36 am |

Could Star Wars be shooting in the deserts of Abu Dhabi? Thanks to a popular dating app, it may be so.

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Beyond Nerdvana: Batman gives back

September 7, 2012 – 9:05 pm |

Christian Bale may have hung up his cape and cowl, but he’s proved that once a hero, always a hero. What else do you call someone who answer’s a dying Bat-fan’s signal? And the news …

Beyond Nerdvana: G4 morphing into GQ?

September 6, 2012 – 9:16 pm |
Beyond Nerdvana: G4 morphing into GQ?

Variety has the scoop that G4 may be undergoing a rebranding early next year. As Kotaku puts it, “G4 As We Know It Is As Good As Gone.” I more or less said as much …

The Gate is closed … and more Things I’ve Learned Today

April 19, 2011 – 12:02 am |
The Gate is closed … and more Things I’ve Learned Today

It’s over, folks. MGM has announced there will be no movie continuation of Stargate Universe … or SG-1. Or Atlantis. (Airlock Alpha)
Speaking of shows that used to be on Syfy … the cable network touts …

Things I’ve learned today: 4/13

April 13, 2011 – 4:47 pm | Comments Off
The Martian Chronicles

Spoilers! Watch two great clips from the April 23 season premiere of Doctor Who. (Zap2It)
A Shakespearean retelling of Terminator 2: Judgment Day? Yes, please! (Kickstarter)
Someone’s trying to make a movie based on Ray Bradbury’s Martian …

Things I’ve learned today: 4/12

April 12, 2011 – 12:49 pm |
Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Houston, we have a problem: Mothballed space shuttles are going to Florida, California, Washington, D.C., and New York City. (KHOU)
Journalist Andrew Smith takes an interesting look at how Batman: The Brave and the Bold is …

Things I’ve learned today: 4/11

April 11, 2011 – 9:25 pm |

A rare Superman comic stolen from Nicolas Cage more than 10 years ago has been found. (Associated Press)
Grammy Awards categories now formally recognize video game music. (Geekosystem)
The creator of the video game cartridge has died. …

Things I’ve learned this weekend: 4/9 and 4/10

April 10, 2011 – 10:19 pm |

Every episode from every incarnation of the Star Trek TV series (plural) will soon stream on Netflix. (Geekosystem)
The U.S. Navy has a working ship-to-ship laser. No word on a shark-mounted version. (io9)
We now know who …

Things I’ve learned today: 4/8

April 8, 2011 – 4:53 pm |

Real Snail Mail gives a snarky meme a whole new meaning. (Bit Rebels)
Who doesn’t want a TARDIS? Seriously? Print and make your own papercraft Gallifreyan time capsule from Doctor Who. (DeviantArt)
Apparently, the Social Security Administration …

Things I’ve learned today: 4/7

April 7, 2011 – 11:31 pm |
Scrooge McDuck

The Forbes Fictional 15 wealthiest characters list is out. Let’s just say life is like an aeroplane… (Forbes)
The title of Big Finish Production’s upcoming Doctor Who “lost story” audio drama starring Tom Baker has been …

Things I’ve learned today: 4/6

April 6, 2011 – 10:08 pm |

The hitchhiking ghosts at the end of Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride have gone digital and interactive. (Geekosystem)
Karen Gillan, aka Amy Pond from Doctor Who, appears to be a guest on the April 13 showing …