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SNL gives Star Wars screen tests The Force Awakens treatment

November 22, 2015 – 10:30 am

Saturday Night Live presents a new round of Star Wars screen tests for The Force Awakens generation.

Classic Comic Cover Corner (Thanksgiving Edition) – Action Comics #148

November 22, 2015 – 7:45 am
Action Comics #148 – September, 1950

With Thanksgiving coming up, we figured this was the perfect time to showcase the time Superman saved Metropolis from reverting back to Indian ownership.

Got a minute? Second TV spot for The Force Awakens drops

November 13, 2015 – 9:05 am
The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren will show you the Dark Side.

Live action Star Wars: Battlefront trailer gets you into the game, makes you one with the Force

November 11, 2015 – 3:33 pm

The official live action Star Wars: Battlefront trailer features Anna Kendrick and some immersive marketing techniques.

The Force Awakens TV spot is all about the eyes

November 8, 2015 – 10:04 am
The Force Awakens TV spot

A new TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted Sunday on Twitter.

Classic Comic Cover Corner – Action Comics #426

November 8, 2015 – 7:45 am
Action Comics #426 – August, 1973

A plane is doomed to crash, but Superman swoops in. It’s the iconic Superman scenario – or is it?

Star Trek returns to TV in 2017; post-premiere episodes for CBS streaming only

November 2, 2015 – 8:48 am
Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek returns to the medium that launched it? Energize!

Star Wars toy commercial from Duracell fires up imagination

October 30, 2015 – 10:35 am
Duracell Star Wars toy commercial

Yeah, Duracell also has a kick-ass Star Wars toy commercial.

Toys ‘R’ Us commercial embraces Star Wars fangirls

October 28, 2015 – 5:15 pm

Star Wars fangirls are not just arriving on the scene.

Adventure Time pulls up ‘Stakes’ to expose Marceline the Vampire Queen’s secrets

October 27, 2015 – 12:00 am
Marceline the Vampire Queen

Cartoon Network’s mind-bending Adventure Time is opening the diary of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Allons-y! David Tennant and Catherine Tate return for Tenth Doctor audio adventures

October 26, 2015 – 9:30 am

David Tennant and Catherine Tate will appear in a series of official Tenth Doctor audio adventures for Big Finish Productions.

Classic Comic Cover Corner – Adventure Comics #408

October 25, 2015 – 7:45 am
Adventure Comics #408 – July, 1971

In addition to starring in her own television show, Supergirl also made news when presidential contender Jeb Bush mentioned that “…she looked pretty hot.”

Star Wars: Battlefront may have the best commercial ever in PlayStation holiday spot

October 19, 2015 – 8:45 am

Who wouldn’t throw that chair through that window?

New clips tease The Force Awakens trailer on Monday Night Football

October 18, 2015 – 2:39 pm

We’re suddenly awash with teaser clips ahead of Monday’s new look at The Force Awakens on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.