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Father Chris Carpenter breaks with Phoenix Catholic Diocese

Posted by on April 13, 2009 – 8:57 am
Bishop Thomas Olmsted, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, is getting a letter early this week from a well-known former East Valley priest who is making a clean break from old Catholicism and has connected with Reformed Catholic traditions that recognizes female priests and open communion for all believer.

The Rev. Chris Carpenter was known as “Father Flick” in the Catholic Sun diocesan newspaper for his reviews of film and was pastor of Christ the King Catholic Church in Mesa from 1997 until January 2006. But he resigned at age 38 for what were called health reasons, moved to southern California to write and pursue other church work. Back and forth communications with the bishop have been cold since then. And Carpenter has been very public, along the way, with his displeasure with Roman Catholic practices and actions.

Over the weekend, Carpenter e-mailed an Easter letter to many friends, including those in the Valley. “I’m very happy to report that I have been accepted as a priest of the Reformed Catholic Church, effective today, Easter Sunday,” he wrote. He joins a Columbus, Ohio-based, Catholic movement. “We are a progressive, international, rapidly growing (including in the Phoenix area) communion descended from the ‘Old Catholics’ who broke with Rome in 1870 over papal infallibility.” Carpenter said the movement supports open communion, which permits non-Catholics and divorced/remarried people to receive it. It also supports the ordination of women to the priesthood, the full inclusion and participation of gay and lesbian people and the optional celibacy for priests. “We use the same liturgy, rites and prayers as the Roman church,” Carpenter noted. More can be found at www.reformedcatholicchurch.org.

“Their leadership has welcomed me with open arms, and I am grateful,” he wrote to friends.

Carpenter said he had been in the final stages of a three-year process of “dis-affiliating” with the Roman Catholic Church. “But I have had a fire lit under me in recent months via several critical letters from Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix,” the priest wrote. “Among other things, he disapproves of my ‘involvement in the homosexual community’ through the gay and lesbian ministry I chair in a non-clergy capacity at St. Matthew’s parish in Long Beach and has asked me to resign, even though the ministry is approved and supervised by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.’”

The former Mesa priest noted that he had requested sacramental faculties (the ability to celebrate Mass, baptize, do weddings, etc.) from Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles and Bishop Tod Brown of the Orange diocese. His work has bridged both dioceses. “My requests of over a year ago have gone unanswered, which seems unprofessional, at best,” he said.

“The Roman Catholic Church today barely seems like the same church I was ordained to served in 1995,” Carpenter wrote. “In the wake of the sexual abuse scandal and the death of Pope John Paul II, many of the church’s leaders seem more and more to me like the legalistic Pharisees whom Jesus condemned during his time.” He said Pope Benedict XVI “has revealed glaring insensitivity and potential incompetence through his welcoming of radical traditionalist bishops, at least one of whom happens to be an anti-Semitic holocaust-denier.” Carpenter further was critical of the pope’s “challenging the effectiveness of condom use for AIDS prevention while in Africa where millions of people have died.”

Carpenter said he will be the first Reformed Catholic Church priest in California and has additionally been appointed Vicar of California and will oversee growth in the state. “I will also begin the formation of a Long Beach-based parish that has been named the Community of the Resurrection. He will continue his full-time ministry as a non-denominational/interfaith hospice chaplain. “My employers have been very supportive throughout my vocation discernment,” he said. They even recently gave him a raise.

He said he had no choice but to “leave the Roman (not the Catholic) church,” Carpenter said. “I’m very excited about returning to public, priestly ministry.” He said he finds it likely that once Olmsted receives and reviews his letter, he could be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church or be disciplined in some other way.

While at Christ the King in Mesa, Carpenter had joined some 160 pastors of all faiths in signing the Phoenix Declaration, developed by No Longer Silent – Clergy for Justice. It called for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people to have full acceptance in the Christian faith, including ordination. When Olmsted learned in April 2004 that nine priests had signed it, he ordered them to remove their names. Carpenter was one of eight who backed down and removed their names. The priest would write later, “Something died as a result of the personal and public showdown over the Phoenix Declaration. A chilling effect has been experienced throughout all Catholic parishes and institutions concerned about outreach and ministry to LGBT persons.”

“There is a growing number of disillusioned Catholics here and around the world who are eager for what the Reformed Catholic Church has to offer,” Carpenter concluded.



  • Ashton says:

    Excellent article! I know Fr. Carpenter personally and it is a true loss for our Roman Catholic Community. May God bless him through his new journey to serve others!

  • joe says:

    Father Carpenter read your bible!!

  • I know Fr. Chris and respect him. I also have had to leave Rome and become a part of the Reformed Catholic Church here in New England because of Romes refusal to welcome Baptized people to Eucharist because they married a person who they met and loved but had been divorced as happened with my son who had never been married. I also disagreed with Rome over their position on woman and married priests and the way the treated and encourtaged discrimination toward to GLBT community.
    Fr. Chris is a dedicated and God fearing, loving and true representitive of Christ. If Christ were here on earth today, I am certain that he would endorse Fr. Chris’s and my view and say of those who spread fear and discrimination the same as He said of the leaders of the Jewish Faith, “You generation of vipers”

  • john says:

    Make him the Bishop of Sodom and Gammora

  • Sharonms says:

    I am not Catholic – but this man seems like the right kind of priest to me. My best wishes to him for having the guts to stand up to a church that has made a global fool of itself.

  • Tim says:

    He sounds like a deeply troubled soul and a very confused priest. Keep him in your prayers.

  • Rcoffin says:

    It seems this priests whole focus is on sex and sexual relations. I don’t think he should have been a priest in the first place is that what his main focus is all about.
    And its probably a good idea for him to leave the catholic church. The catholic church has had enough issues because they haven’t screened their priests when entering the ministry.

  • ghp says:

    Now if only all the other dissident priests & bishops would follow Fr. Carpenter’s example and go where they can make up their own rules. I have much respect for Fr. Carpenter’s decision to resign, instead of remaining in the Church and trying to subvert from within.

  • Art says:

    DUDE!! You are seriously misguided and totally creepy! If you could not even get the blessing of the most liberal diocese in the country (Los Angeles) nor the blessing of Cardinal Mahony – you are seriously nutter’s!!! Nice size ego – there Carpenter – Did you actually think the Holy See was going to change 2000 years of tradition, beliefs and faith for YOU? Good luck with your God complex! Oh – congrats on your raise Judas 😉

  • Dave says:

    It seems to me another “American”, whether he is a priest or not is irrelevant, that has made himself pope. BTW, how is the Church of today any different than the one of 1995? The catechism is the same, the doctrines are the same, the Mass is the same. So I ask again, How is it different? Maybe it is you who have changed, no?

  • Rick says:

    This move doesn’t exactly radiate humility, you know.

  • Joseph says:

    Fr. Carpenter is a coward. If he truly believes all of these things (which I abhor, btw) and truly loves the Church then he would stay on despite the difficulty and persecution for the sake of reforming the Church he loves. I believe quite firmly that his ideas would never be reformed into the Church because the Holy Spirit would not allow it (they are false). However, if he truly believes these things to be God’s will, and loves the Church, and believes the Holy Spirit has been given to her to guide her to all truth then he would remain with her and trust in God. At this point, not only does he have a malformed conscience but he also lacks the conviction to stay the most difficult course to follow it. He does not love the Church and he does not know her.

  • Chukwuemeka Onyeriri says:

    Indeed, Fr Carpenter should be made the bishop of Sodom and Gomorrah. Obviously, he is among the priests who know little or nothing about the teachings of Christ. Let other dissidents bishops, priests, religious, and lay people who are causing confusion in the Catholic Church do the same thing that Fr Carpenter did. We don’t need people like you in the Catholic Church.

  • Susan says:

    If his ideas reformed to anything, it’s the work of evil spirit…For those who believe in him, please join him. Like Chukwuemeka said, “We don’t need people like you in the catholic Church.”

  • MarkF says:

    Indeed, none of the things that Fr. Carpenter has come out against are new positions of the Church. The only thing that has changed is that now it seems the faithful are expected to practice what is preached. Man, I know this is hard. I’m a bit of a refugee from the secular culture, and I picked up a lot of bad habits during a lifetime of being single. But as someone who’s lived the kind of life that Fr. Carpenter is defending, I see how dangerous his advice and standards are. I thank God for his Church being strong by defending what’s right in this world. Yes, it is hard to lead a chaste life in this culture, but I’ve been down that road too many times to not know that things like divorce, homosexuality, etc., don’t bring happiness. What’s most troubling is that he tacitly ignores the great sacrament of confession when he says that Holy Communion should be open to everyone. It is confession that is open to everyone. The Church is open to everyone, sinners like my self especially. It all comes down to Jesus and the woman caught in adultery – not just the part about not throwing stones, but also “Go and sin no more.” And I’m speaking of myself here as much or more than anyone else. Yes this is hard to do in this culture, but Fr. Carpenter is hurting more people than he knows. It is sin that hurts people, and God’s grace is more than enough of overcome it.

  • Ashton says:

    Wow! Alot of angery blogs in response to Fr. Chris. Perhaps, we should pull out the windex and start cleaning our glass houses. Also, we can get some more stones, and keep throwing them at others. I am positive that we have not ever sinned ourselves. I know Fr. Chris and he left on his own merit. Since he is gone, let’s focus on true predators that are still in our Diocese. I am one of the victim’s included in the Monsignor Fushek case being prosected by the State. I grew up with Fr. Chris and consider him a close friend. I am practicing Catholic and am in good standing with the Church. Words hurt! WWJD…not some of the things certain bloggers are doing!!

  • James says:

    Why are they starting a new church? Why doesn’t he just become an Episcopalian. They already believe and accept all the things he supports.

  • Jenni says:

    WWJD is not an excuse to do “whatever I think Jesus would do”. Jesus gave us a clear command through scripture and the teachings of the Apostles handed down to us today, which he guaranteed would be protected by the Holy Spirit.

    Fr. Chris has broken with the Church. This is not the same as gossiping or lying (speaking of “glass houses”). This is a divorce from the Bride the Church. This is a break in the family. This is a man who has abandoned his family and his Bride. That the family is angry could be justified (but not the comments damning him, I would add).

    Please read up on your theology, history and philosophy to be better informed about “WWJD”. Jesus DID institute the Church. He would follow the Church of today because it was guided by His Holy Spirit.

  • mike gonzalez says:

    Good Luck Father Chris, now you can have a church with no accountability. The sky is the limit, do anything you want. I surely don’t miss you and your wierd sermons.

  • Ashton says:

    Your are right! Take Care.

  • Mary Sue says:

    If someone wants to leave the Catholic Church and join another, that is their prerogative; that’s been happening for over 1500 years. What is unsettlilng to me is misleading people by calling your church The Reformed Catholic Church. It is not Catholic; it is another Protestant denomination. I want to be clear that I have nothing against other faith expressions. However, the website for the Reformed Catholic Church says, “We are truly a valid Catholic church with our ordained clergy having their succession back to Peter in 38 A.D.” This is clearly not true. When you mislead people just by your name, how much more will you mislead them when they walk through your doors.

  • Dan says:

    How has the Phoenix Diocese changed since 1995? Two words : Bishop Olmsted. He has done more to turn away Catholics then anyone in the last 500 years. He doesn’t believe in building bridges or welcoming anyone who disagrees with him. He has the same mentality as George Bush and Joe Arpaio, he thinks he alone knows what is best and he doesn’t leave any room for an opposing position to anything he doesn’t agree with. He preaches about the evil in everyone else but cannot see his own failures of which there are many.

  • Ashton says:

    Dan, You are absolutely right! Thank you for expressing very profound insight in to this equation. You state what most people feel but are afraid to speak their minds! Thank you again!

  • Don Lorenzo says:

    Fr. Chris, your criticism of the Church is a denial of Christ’s promise to be with his Church until the end of time. He also said that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. We need to focus on these words in scripture to really understand what is happening here. You are going back on your vows of obedience. instead you appear to be taking on the mindset of Lucifer who challenged God. I will pray for you that you may reconcile with the church and renew your priestly vows.

  • Fr. Chris says:

    To my supporters: Thank you. To my critics: Unless you are a priest, you have no idea of the struggle and difficulty in making my decision. Despite what some of you think and have written, the Church and its teaching do change and the Diocese of Phoenix has especially changed under Bishop Olmsted’s leadership. I only take offense at Mike Gonzalez’s statement that the Reformed Church and my new parish will have “no accountability.” I have always valued accountability and we will have it right off the bat, unlike the 2,000 years it took the Roman Church to value it. Finally, no one who can’t spell correctly should be permitted to critique my WEIRD sermons! I sincerely ask God’s blessing on you all.

  • Ashton says:

    Fr. Chris, You have always been there for me and my family. You conducted two funerals and blessed our house. You have seen us at our worst and best over the past 20 years. It was a blessing to meet you while I worked at St. Daniel’s and I am proud to be your friend. My “Roman Catholic” family loves you and have no hesitation in expressing our disappointment directly to our Bishop and Diocese. You know my family well. They are still waiting to meet with the Bishop to see why our previous Bishop (O’Brien) is STILL on our payroll after fostering priest abuse and found guilty by a jury of killing a man. O’Brien claimed that he thought it was a dog or a rock. Nice! I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church. “Catholic” means universal..and as far as my family (as practicing Roman Catholics) fully embrace our Chistian brothers and sisters. God has many holy plans for you and your new ministry. God bless you my friend.

  • DTungsten says:

    The surface analysis is correct – Bishop Olmsted has changed a lot about the Diocese of Phoenix. However, the comments that follow miss the point entirely. His leadership has “righted the ship” and brought orthodoxy and accountability back to the Church of Phoenix itself and to its priests.

    As a distant observer, it seems as though a significant number of men were ordained to the priesthood in years prior that should not have been. Their understanding of God, and of the Church, are/were sorely lacking. From what I can see, the good bishop has attempted to help them to correct their misunderstandings. Some, it is obvious, have responded positively to his fatherly leadership. Others kick and pout publicly, trying to score points with newspaper reporters that love to sow discord in the Church or with those in the pews (or not) who imagine they can alter the Church into something that She is not.

    Many thanks are due to Pope John Paul II for sending Bishop Olmsted to us here in Phoenix, to Archbishop Sambi, to others that were responsible for his coming here, and most of all to the Holy Spirit for guiding this fine shepherd. And thank you to Bishop Olmsted for remaining true to the Church. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

  • Cansius says:

    Good riddance to the sodomite….

  • alexc says:

    So long to this embarassment. He’s not nor was he ever a Roman Catholic Church. Last time I checked, molesting children wasn’t part of the priest duties. This guy should have never been ordained in the first place. It’s not a matter of whether he’s gay or not, it’s a matter that he abused his position and selfishly used the church to further HIS agenda. Let’s hope he hasn’t abused any children as others of his ilk have.

  • Well done Fr Carpenter! You have nothing to lose for leaving the Roman Church. We all have! I wishj you all the best in your new home and ministry. I can only promise you that God has already blessed you abundantly.

    Ministry in the church should not be about power, authority, money and status but should be about love. I hope to meet up with you in the Reformed Catholic Church and have more dialogue with you and your new ministry.

    Walk tall! and do not allowe critics to destroy you. You have already conquered them.


    Msgr Fano Ngcobo,sacf
    For Reformed Cathoklic Church in South Africa

  • Well done Fr Carpenter. May trhe gods walk with you.

    From Africa

  • mike says:

    Dear fr chris,I do not know you but I wish you well.I have chosen to stay and fight for change from within.I hope you find peace and fufillment in your new ministry.God bless You

  • lome says:

    I don’t know what comment I can give to this church! This is a church of men.Their God is the God of this world!

    Homosexuality is condemned continually throughout the Old Testament, where it is most Often mentioned in conjunction with pagan ritual prostitution.

    Those who do these things,regardless of the Christian’s name affiliations are offender of God They are bunch of rebels.

    St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (A.D. 347-407),

    On Romans 1:26-27: ALL these affections then were vile, but chiefly the mad lust after males; for the soul is more the sufferer in sins, and more dishonored, than the body in diseases. But behold how here, too, as in the case of the doctrines, he deprives them of excuse, by saying of the women, that “they changed the natural use.” For no one, he means, can say that it was by being hindered of legitimate intercourse that they came to this pass, or that it was from having no means to fulfill their desire that they were driven into this monstrous in saneness. For the changing implies possession. Which also when discoursing upon the doctrines he said,“They changed the truth of God for a lie.” And with regard to the men again, he shows the same thing by saying, “Leaving the natural use of the woman.” … For genuine pleasure is that which is according to nature. But when God hath left one, then all things are turned upside down. And thus not only was their doctrine Satanical, but their life, too, was diabolical.

    We are not judging,Either they are right and Deuteronomy is wrong,or Vice versa. “Yay” or “Nay” says the Lord.Anything in between is of the devils!
    But we are asked to Pray for their unbelief.That they may find Christ.

    Deuteronomy 23:17-18

    “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel , or a sodomite of the sons of Israel . Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore or the price of a dog [homosexual prostitute], into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow: for even both these are abominations unto the LORD thy God.”

    Homosexual perversion was an integral part of pagan idolatry, and its practice continually evoked God’s anger against the Israelite kings. One king who “did what was right in the sight of the Lord” is Josiah, who was commended by the Lord for his proactive repentance for the sins of Judah and told, that he would be spared the coming judgment (2 Kings 23:24). He is honored in Scripture for breaking down the high places (of pagan ritual), and destroying “the houses of the sodomites”

    Folks,Christianity is all about “obedience”to the words and Laws of God.
    Our Religion of the cross is mirrored to that of the Church of Christ and not to the Church of men!…

    Some times God will let somebody die before his/her time as an act of Mercy,
    Instead of letting his weak ways to exhaust itself on earth and suffer terrifying torture in Hell….. catholic saint
    “God is not mock!”

  • lome says:

    Fr. Cris,
    Don’t worry of wrong spelling. That won’t condemn your soul in hell!
    Fr.You knows where your heart is? Does it says to follow Jesus to the letter?

    Jesus’s church is with Peter “The Rock” Both in Hebrew and Aramaic? Cephas (in Aramaic; cf. St. John 1:42). Cephas means rock.

    Why would the Lord effectively say, “Blessed are you, Simon. You are now to be called Peter, and upon “Rock” I now build my Church. Here are the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven!”??

    Why change the Church now, when the foundations withstood the test of times?
    Just too bad .If you can make Christ agree then He is not God. Yours is.
    You know that the foundation is Christ and you dare change it?
    God is not a man that he thinks like one.
    God is not a respecter of any person. He does what he pleases.
    I wish you can be just as you are like regular guys who really try to follow Christ by being hard in the flesh, and strong in Spirit.
    Being effeminate won’t condemn you to hell either, It is the practice of homosexuality, adultery ECT that you teaches to be right with God?
    So how did you go around Deuteronomy?

    Oh, how Christ loves you, his dedicated? And how they (his Dedicated) offend the immaculate heart of Mary and Jesus?

    You are aware the God put a curse in this abomination up to the seventh generations.Luci is legalistic.

    Obedience to the Holy Scriptures, to the spirit of the law is the one that matters.
    Your is not a popularity contest. Your higher calling is to God.
    “Yay or Nay” says the Lord. Anything in between is of the Devils
    They were just tagging at your stole, but then you gave the whole habit…

    This is spiritual warfare. This is a fight to the finish! Revealed to us in Gin.3:15
    I believed that we are at the end times of John..
    The separation of sheep from the goats..
    May God show you his ways. I will include you in my prayer.

  • lome says:

    From the Office for Antichrist!!! It was issued by the infamous Masonic P2 Lodge in Italy just prior to Vatican II. Here is how it reads:

    Effective March 1962. (The Aggiormento of Vatican II). All warlocks (officers) shall report on the progress of these critical directives! Pope John XXIII will accept them easily!

    1. Remove St. Michael, the protector of the Catholic Church, from every prayer whether inside or outside of the Mass, once and for all. Remove all of his statues. Say that it detracts from Christ.
    2. Put a stop to practice of penance during Lent, such as eating no meat on Fridays, or fasting. Halt any acts of self-denial. Replace by acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbor. Say that Christ already won heaven for us, and that the efforts of humans are to no avail.
    3. Assign Protestant Ministers to revise and desacredize the Mass. Instigate doubts that the Eucharist is closer to the Protestants belief that it is only bread and symbolic.
    4. Stop all Latin in Mass Liturgy, and devotions and songs. It lends a feeling of mystery and respect. Show it up as mumbo jumbo of soothsayers. People will then stop thinking that Priests are of superior intelligence.
    5. Encourage the ladies to remove their hats in Church; hair is sexy. And demand to be Acolytes and Priestesses. Base it on the Constitution. Start a women’s liberation.
    6. Stop Communicants from kneeling to receive the Host. Tell Nuns to stop the children from folding their hands to and from Communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are, and wants them to be perfectly relaxed.
    7. Stop sacred organ music. Bring in Guitars, Jews Harps, Drums, and stomping of the feet. This will prevent any personal prayer or conversation with Jesus. Don’t give Jesus time to call children to religious vocations.
    8. Profane hymns to the Mother of God, St. Joseph. Call it idolatry. Replace with Protestant songs. This will imply that the Catholic Church is finally admitting that Protestantism is the true religion, or at least equal to the Catholic Church.
    9. Replace all hymns, even to Jesus. This reminds people of their sweet childhood, which will in turn remind them of the peace that came from living a rigorous life of self-denial and penance for God. Bring in only new songs, to convince people that the former rites were somehow wrong. Be sure to have at least one song in each Mass that never mentions Jesus, but only love of humans. The young will be enthusiastic about love of neighbor.
    10. Remove all Saints relics from Altars, and then remove the altars themselves. Replace with Pagan, unblessed tables, which will be used to offer live sacrifice at Satan Masses. Repeal the Church law that says that Mass in Churches can only be said on altars containing Saint’s relics.
    11. Stop the practice of saying Mass before the Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle. Do not allow any Tabernacles on the tables used for the Mass. Make the table look like a dinner table. Make it portable, to imply that it is not sacred, but could do double duty for anything, such as a conference table or for playing cards. Later, put at least one chair at this table. Make the Priest sit in this, after Communion to signify that he rests after his meal. Never let the Priest kneel at Mass, nor genuflect people don’t kneel at meals.
    12. Remove Saints from the Church calendar, a few at a time. Forbid the Priests the right to talk about Saints, unless mentioned in the Gospel. Say that there might be Protestants in the Church who would not like it.
    13. When introducing the Gospels, drop the word Saint, in Gospel according to Saint John, or any other Saint. Simply say, Gospel according to John. This will imply that people should not honor them anymore. Keep rewriting Bibles until identical to Protestants!
    14. Remove and destroy all personal prayer books. This will stop Litanies to the Sacred Heart, the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and preparation for Communion. It will also effectively reduce thanksgiving after Communion to a sham.
    15. Remove all statues and pictures of Angels. Why have statues of our enemies around? Call it a myth or a bedtime story.
    16. Eliminate the Minor Order of Exorcist, for expelling Devils. Work hard on this one. Sell the idea that there is not a real Devil. Say it is the Bible’s way of representing evil, and there can’t be a good story without a villain. Then they will not believe in Hell either, and will never be afraid of going there. Say that Hell is nothing more but being away from God, and what is so bad about that?
    17. Teach that Jesus was only a human, who had brothers and sisters, and He hated the establishment. Say that He loved the company of prostitutes, especially Mary Magdalene. Say that He had no use for Churches or Synagogues.
    18. Remember that you can cause Nuns to quit, by appealing to their vanity, charm and beauty; make them change their Habits, which will automatically make them throw away their Rosaries. Show the world that there is dissention in their Convents, and vocations will dry up.
    19. Burn all Catechisms. Tell religion teachers to teach love of God’s people, instead of love of God. Tell them it is mature, to love openly. Make sex a common word in Religion Classes. Make sex a new Religion.
    20. Close all Catholic Schools by reducing the number of Nun’s vocations. Say that Nuns are just underpaid social workers, and the Church is getting rich off of them.

  • lome says:

    cont…..masonic P2 lodge in Italy Effective 1962

    21. Destroy the Pope by destroying his Empire of Universities. Separate universities from the Pope by saying that the government would then be glad to give them grants of money. Change the names of religious institutions to profane names, such as Immaculate Conception School to Compton Heights School. Call it Ecumenical.
    22. Attack the Pope’s authority, by setting an age limit on his services. Reduce this gradually. Say that you are keeping him from being overworked.
    23. Be bold, weaken the Pope by setting up a Bishop’s Synod. The Pope will then be a figurehead, as England is ruled by the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The King takes orders from them. Then weaken the Bishop’s authority by setting up a counterpart at the Priest’s level. Say that the Priests are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Then weaken the Priest’s authority by setting up lay groups to boss the Priests. There will be so much hatred developed, that even Cardinals will leave the Church. Say that the Church is now Democratic. Praise the New Collegiality.
    24. Reduce Priest’s vocations by losing the respect of the Laity. One scandal of a Priest in politics will lose thousands of vocations. Praise fallen away Priests, who give up everything for the love of a woman. Call them heroic. Honor laicized Priests, as true martyrs who were being so oppressed that they couldn’t take it any longer.
    25. Start closing Churches, because of lack of Priests, call it economizing, and good business practice. Say that God listens to prayers anywhere, so Churches are extravagant.
    26. Use Lay Commissions and weak faith Priests to quickly condemn and disapprove of any new apparitions of the Blessed Mother or any alleged miracles, especially of St. Michael, the Archangel. Be absolutely certain that none whatever get approval after Vatican II. Then call it disobedience to authority if anybody follows the messages, or repeats them or EVEN THINKS about them.
    27. Pass a law to disband the Curia each time a new Pope comes in. This is certain to insure that the Curia will contain many radicals and modernists.
    28. Elect an Anti-Pope. Say that he will bring the Protestants back into the Church, and maybe even the Jews. Anti-Pope can be elected by giving the vote to the Bishops. There will be so many Popes nominated that an Anti-Pope will get in as a compromise Pope.
    29. Eliminate Confession before first Holy Communion for 2nd and 3rd Grade children, so that they will not bother about Confession before Communion when they get into 4th or 5th or higher grades either. Confession will then disappear.
    30. Get women and laity to give Communion, say that this is the Age of the Laity. Start giving Communion in the hand like the Protestants, instead of on the tongue – say that Christ did it this way. Collect some for Satan Masses. Then replace individual Communion by a bowl of wafers, to be taken on leaving the Church. Say that they will then carry God’s gift into their daily lives. Install Communion vending machines, call them Tabernacles.
    31. After Anti-Pope reigns, disband Synod of Bishops, Priest’s Unions, and lay advisor groups. Forbid any Religious to engage in politics without permission. Say that God loves humility, and hates glory seekers.
    32. Give supreme power to Pope, to select his successors. Order the Mark of the Beast on all true lovers of God, under pain of excommunication.
    33. Declare all former Church Dogmas false, except the Dogma of Infallibility. State that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary that didn’t make it. Say that the true Christ will soon come.
    34. Order all subjects of the Pope, to fight in Holy Crusades to spread the One World Religion. Satan knows where all lost gold is! Ruthlessly conquer the world. This will give to humanity, what they have always yearned for the Golden Age of Peace.

    Editor’s Comment:
    Look at how many items the Antichrist forces have accomplished. We must fight the changes in the Church with all our might for they are coming from Satan himself. The laity must save the Church.