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Revisiting the LDS excommunication of Lyndon Lamborn who talked too much

July 4, 2011 – 8:16 am
Lyndon Lamborn (East Valley Tribune)

It was nearly four years ago that a Boeing engineer, Lyndon Lamborn, contacted me at the East Valley Tribune to tell me the Mormon Church was excommunicating him and making it quite public — as a kind of warning to the …

Renee Lloyd tells her story living as a psychic

May 9, 2011 – 8:52 pm

I’ve long believed that if we give validity to religions, spirituality and the metaphysical, then we have to be fully open to the psychic realm where people today claim to have gifts in the paranormal, including extra-sensory perception, …

Getting lead part in children’s pageant is a joy

December 24, 2010 – 11:48 pm

When I was younger, I relished church talent shows and putting together several acts each year that  we staged them.  Churches are already abuzz with vast talent and people typically enjoying the chance to showcase their …

Ringing Salvation Army bells is pure joy

December 11, 2010 – 8:15 pm

I spent three hours today ringing a Salvation Army bell outside a Frys store at Rural Road and Southern Avenue in Tempe.  I will be there at the same time next Saturday 4-7 p.m.   My …

Mesa bike preacher ‘Dizzy’ Disbrow is now wavin’ and shoutin’ on streets of heaven

July 6, 2010 – 8:45 pm
Robert Disbrow

It is just hard to  believe that Robert “Dizzy” Disbrow is no longer out on the streets of Mesa praising Jesus and shamelessly on fire for the Lord.  A curiosity, a sideshow, a harmless eccentric, Dizzy …

Copple funeral a community reunion

May 25, 2010 – 12:33 pm

It is never a good thing that death brings people together. But going back eons in most cultures, the death of folks have created reunions for the living. If it is a cruel excuse to …

Bishop Olmsted not best fit for L.A. job, but look for another call

February 23, 2010 – 7:55 pm

Since I first saw the credentials of Thomas Olmsted, I believed that Phoenix was just a stopping off point for him.  The no-nonsense cleric who came in 2003  from Wichita, Kan.,  became the fourth bishop of the Roman …