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Hamilton has proven itself, time to move on

Posted by on September 25, 2007 – 12:31 pm

Chandler Hamilton has set out to build a football program second to none. The Huskies have done just that in a decade of existence. Three state titles. Two runners-up. Five title-game appearances. Three national television appearances.Kudos to principal Fred DePrez, the architect of this juggernaut. DePrez has pulled out all the stops to make this a reality by making sure the Huskies doors are open to anyone who wants to be a Husky. Save divine intervention from Brophy


  • HS Football Fan says:

    Way to go Les. You really say al ot about the rest of the state. Your comments basically put down the other teams as they prepare for their fight to win a 5A state championship. Centinennial had a chance against Hamilton, but failed. Red Mountain put up a good fight as well. So did Brophy.
    Talk to Scooter and Jones and see what they say. Talk to the Mt. Pointe players, and Gilbert, and Highland, and Chandler, and whoever Hamilton faces in the playoffs. I am sure they would have comments based on a stupid article. There are good teams in the state and anyone can win on any given night. Has Hamilton ever had an undefeated season since the school opened. NO! Maybe this will be their first. But, they have a long way to go.
    As for the “open door policy,” I believe the doors are open to every high school in the Chandler Unified School District. Since Hamilton has transfers, they are the bad guy. Chandler has 8 players (yes 8) that attended Hamilton last year. Basha has one from Hamilton. No mention of them in your article. Barbour, the top player in the state, from Centennial lives in Surprise and goes to a Peoria school. No mention about him. How many in-state transfers did Hamilton get this season? One. A DB from Highland. This transfer thing gets old after awhile. If you are so hurt about this, please investigate these transfers.
    I wonder if newspapers write the same thing about De La Salle in Northern California. Probably not. Teams would love to be the ones that knocked them off of their winning streak. It would make a great story. Oh yea, they are a private school, so I guess that is ok.
    What about Mt. View? I think they were the top dogs for year after year. Did people have an issue with them? Sure. Did you write articles basically “kicking them out of the state.” Nope.
    For someone who is writing about high school sports on a daily basis, I thought you may have a little more respect for the 1,000’s of kids that work each and every day to get better at the sport they love. Instead, you spend time typing away, knocking Hamilton’s success, and spitting on the rest of the state.
    Do us all a favor Mr. Willsey. Let the kids play. Let them play.

  • Pride Parent says:

    I guess my son should not show up Friday night. According to the article Hamilton already won. I guess this week of practice is just a waste of time. I only wish my son could experience some of the things Hamilton has had to offer over the past few years. But, that is a part of life. Right?

  • Interesting Thought says:

    Les Willsey: Don’t your kids goto Mt. View? Is that the reason you don’t write negative articles about them? Two-faced are we?

  • Parent says:

    I agree with Pride Parent.

  • Basha Bear says:

    Here is an e-mail I received from a Basha parent on what is going on at Chandler H.S. Is this not recruiting?
    “This Saturday we will go see The Game Plan at Harkin’s Theatre. The show starts at 4:20, so please arrive by 3:50 to make sure we have enough seats. Chidlren are $5.50 and adults are $7. Let me know if your child/children are going and if they need to be chaperoned by a coach.
    Chandler High has invited us to a locker room tour at 6 pm at the North gym on Fri., Oct. 5. Please let me know if yourplayer is going (as they will get a gift bag) and then how many other family members will be attending. I need this info for the coach so he can make sure we have enough seating. Players should wear jerseys and family members can wear rattler shirts or colors. An adult does need to accompany each player. Also, the players will get to line up and great the players as they come out onto the field as well. This has been a very fun event in past years!
    If you can rsvp how many will attend for each event by Thursday, that would be very helpful.

  • hamiltonhuskydad says:

    For those of who have an olafactory problem (trouble smelling), this article has a big scent of SARCASM. It is written with tounge-in-cheek. Have a sense of humor people.

  • Ed says:

    It’s not just the legal transfers, its all the politics that gets the other ones through. The Chandler High invite is no differant than the camp that Hamilton has and they openly tell all the incoming freshman that all they need to do is apply for area exemption. The problem is not the kids, it is the adults including the parents. The parents that live in the district should be the ones upset when their son puts in 3 years working for that varsity spot which he probably deserves, and some stud gets a transfer. We are losing the whole concept of HS Sports. it should be the most memorable time for these kids. It’s not anymore. Not when year after year they watch powerhouse schools continually field teams that look like college teams. By the way, most of Mountain View Transfers are from their White Mountain feeder schools.

  • Thomas says:

    My son, who is now currently attending Basha as a 9th grader, was told at a meeting held for 8th graders on his campus by Chandler coaches that if they wanted to attend Chandler, all they had to do was fill out the “proper paperwork.” I was at the meeting where the Hamilton coach came to my sons jr high school. At no time did he state that if someone out of the boundary wanted to goto Hamilton “all they needed to do is fill out this paperwork.” Hamilton gave a great presentation, talked about their success and even wished the kids luck no matter what school they attended. I was very impressed. They do sell themselves by their success. Its the parents, not the kids that allow these illegal transfers to happen. Cant blame the kids, cant blame the coaches, cant blame the school. Gotta blame the parents who move their kids and-or lie to get them into the school of their choice.
    By the way, Basha would love to play Hamilton. They are not scared or ready to just throw in the towel Mr. Willsey. Basha has an open door policy as well. I believe the whole district does. Your blog is wrong. Dead wrong.

  • James Johnson says:

    My step son attended Red Mountain last season and played varsity football. His spot was taken by a transfer. He (we) were not happy, but that is unfortunately a part of life. Someone better gets to do the job. He lived with it and worked his tale off to play on a few of the special teams. Following high school football, I know the following schools have transfers: Red Mountain, Hamilton, Chandler, Basha, Mt. View, Mesa, Dobson, Westwood, Casa Grande, Skyline, Apache Junction, Mesquite, Gilbert, Highland, Brophy, Centennial, Desert Ridge, Mt. Pointe, DV, Paradise Valley, Marcos, North, Westview, CDO, Flowing Wells, Salpointe, Queen Creek, Buena, Horizon, and the list goes on. My point is this. Hamilton takes grief because they win. If it were Chandler, Basha, etc winning championship after championship articles would be written about them. I have to agree with Thomas on this one. Willsey must have a personal grudge against Hamilton. Other schools have it, but he does not mention it. And I know that the Red Mountain players are not willing to give up the chance to knock Hamlton off. They are not going to let Hamilton and all of the other schools win a state championship without a fight.

  • DV Thunder says:

    I wish someone would transfer to the East Valley Tribune and take Les Willsey’s spot. He just put down everything my kid has worked so hard to achieve. Congratulations on Hamiltons success. I hope he plays against them this year and gets a shot to bring them and the other top teams in the state down. He is going to keep working hard to get better.

  • MOM says:

    I agree with Thunder. My son works his tail off. I respect Hamiltons success. I know they do all they can to win each week. I think others do the same. Please, Mr. Willsey, do not “spit” on my sons efforts!

  • Mike says:

    Sorry hamilton husky dad. There is no “scent of SARCASM.” It is not “written with tounge-in-cheek.” I beleive I have a pretty good sense of humor. I must agree with the others. Willsey has something out for Hamilton. Read his other articles about them.

  • hamiltonhuskydad says:

    You guys/moms are killing me! I can’t believe that you can’t read between the lines and see the humor in this blog! And for Thomas (the Basha fan)-the Bears are scared to death to play Hamilton, or they woul have wanted to play in the Fiesta region like the other Chandler and Gilbert schools. Not cry like babies and want to stay in the weak-sister Central Division. Geogrpahically speaking, if any Chandler team should be in the Fiesta, it should be HHS or Chandler. Not Basha.
    What Willsey suggests would NEVER happen and it was obviously written to get under peoples’ skin-which it looks like it has. Other top schools in the country don’t (and won’t) do something like that. They may play 1-2 out of state games against other top teams, but NEVER would they play an independant schedule. That would be like Notre Dame!
    He is just calling it lke it is. HHS has arguably played the state’s toughest schedule so far (each team was ranked top 5 when they played them-except maybe Buena) and HHS dominated each opponent. They only have given up a total of 44 points over 5 games, while scoring 176. That is domination, and people around the Valley are crying over transfers this and transfers that.
    The plain truth is that HHS has been a force on the football field, and will continue to be a force in the years to come. He doesn’t demean any other players/programs just states the obvious-that there isn’t currently a school in AZ that can compete with the Huskies. QUit whining and crying about things and go COMPETE. Maybe this article will divinely inspire some team to knock us off. Until then, we’ll play anybody, anytime, anyplace.

  • PHS football says:

    I agree completely with what you’re saying hamiltonhuskydad. This was blatant use of sarcasm to get his point across. His point being that so many people just talk about the Hamilton program and how GREAT they are. He went with an EXTREME examples on how to make this team even greater. His examples are impossible and he knew that when he wrote this blog…

  • sam says:

    Hey Huskydad, why is it always whining when someone questions if things are up and up. Thats always the response from the benefiting end. Who was whining when Kurt Magnum left for Basha. You guys screamed and wanted him inelegible unless he went somewhere else. Basha though was just whining when Gerald Munns transferd to Hamilton without ever moving. He got a warning from the coaches as to when the home inspections was coming so he could make it look like he moved. You must be a Bonds fan, or maybe even a Vick fan. Why should they throw him out of football. Dogs don’t play footbal right. You are the adults we are all talking about. Great examples you are. If you ever want to know why we have Vicks and others, its because they are shown early that the rules don’t apply when it comes to athletes. If your good enough everybody will cover for you. You are raising the next Lauren Wade.

  • C-Town says:

    That was nasty cheap shot towards Hamilton football. Always, coming from the same sources Mesa residents, politicians, newspaper writers. Why don’t you call the FBI and CIA to investigate the football program. “Oh” don’t forget to investigate the Freshman and JV teams there just as good.

  • HawkDad says:

    Sounds like sour grapes from a Mt. View resident The issues is that we live in a small state with only 28 5A1 team from essentially two population centers. It makes it pretty easy for kids to transfer from school to school and for one team to dominate for a number of years. And, it’s rotated around quite nicely over the past 20 years. It much harder in a state like Illnois with 29 million residents in 8 football classes and 2 basketball classses. one would argue it would be much more meaningful to win a title there or in Cal, Ohio, etc… I think we had a chance to see what happens when an Az school plays what turned out to be a mediocre Ohio team last year. All we need is a good year out of Basha or Chandler and a 2-3 loss season from Hamilton and things will start to even out.

  • CHAD says:

    Hey sam, you’re raising the new breed of cry baby pillow biters. I like how you compare a situation where a kid possibly transfered without moving to a murder case, yeah they’re real similar. That was sarcasm at the end by the way something you missed big time in this article. I don’t understand why we have to poke and prod Hamilton instead of congratulating them for bringing national recognition for football in AZ, something that’s never really been accomplished. Let me ask you this, if Hamilton is such a breeding ground for thugs, than why is Terrell Suggs nothing but class act in the NFL? It must of been that poor ethic and morality injected in him by John Wrenn and staff huh? When will america stop being such a giant breeding ground for such bleeding heart ACLU liberal people such as Sam and actual get some people with a damn sense of humor?

  • CHS Football Parent says:

    My son plays football for the Chandler HS Freshmen football team. We have more illegal transfers than anyone. That is a fact and I am not afraid to say it. I hope that comes out. I bet that Chandler and their “recruiters” are hoping that the Hamilton investigation goes away so they are not the next ones in line. Several CHS players went to Hamilton last year. The great part about all this is, one of the transfers that “moved” still lives 2 doors down from me. He never left. Comes home everyday after practice to his “old” residence. The parents (boosters) are renting an apartment and using that address. If someone needs to be checked, its Chandler.

  • HHS says:

    The reason why Hamilton is being looked at is because they win. Sorry CHS Football Parent, Chandler has yet to do that.

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