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Perry suspends 11 players for Westwood game

Posted by on September 21, 2009 – 8:16 pm

Gilbert Perry’s football team will put its 4-0 record on the line Friday night against Mesa Westwood without a football unit full of players.
Coach Preston Jones said Monday night 11 players, some of them starters, have been suspended for Friday’s games for breaking team rules. Jones didn’t elaborate on the infraction(s), but it will impact their game with the 2-2 Warriors. It’s Westwood’s first East Valley Region game this season. Perry has played one and won it, beating Casa Grande in its season opener on Aug. 28.


  • James says:

    That’s OK Les. You and the other 4 FB guru’s over at the EVT never give WW any respect any way, haven’t even heard a WW game mentioned on your weekly preview show in 2 weeks! I’m sure giving 4-0 Perry a pre-game built in excuse is right up your alley! For the record, WW plays short handed every game now dressing a total of 31 varsity players on a weekly basis with 75% of them playing both ways the entire game! ; )

  • dad says:

    Bottom line Westwood has been terrible for last 20 years. They haven’t done squat since 1988. Sorry but yiu guys deserve no love….

  • Larry says:

    That’s a shame that players have let there teammates down, and having 31 players isn’t an excuse. I went to a school where about 75% percent of the kids went both ways too and they found a way too win. A win is going to be a win, no ifs or buts

  • James says:

    Let me help you out “senile” dad. As recently as 07 Westwood went 7-5 in the very tough East Valley region, and came within less than 2 mins, 4th quarter of taking out Hamilton in the 2nd round of play-offs, lost 14-6 when Gerell Robinson got open down the seam final drive! More for you senile dad;
    WW lost exactly ONE reg season game in 2 seasons in as recently as 04 and 05 and had the east valley player of the year(Bryce Wilkins). 20 years huh? Get a clue!

  • dad says:

    Ya 20 years since they won a Championship. That’s all that counts. Could of, would of, should of, do not mean squat. Westwood is a has been school and will continue to get worse in everything. That area is straight Ghetto!!!

  • dad says:

    7-5??? Please…that’s a good year….???LOL

  • James says:

    You’re getting even more SENILE daddy…!! so now only a state championship is the measuring stick, so I guess than all but the ONE school that wins that championship each year sucks right? Oh and on that point WW played for the title in 2000, losing to RM, lets see what was your original statement……”WW hasn’t been any good in 20 yrs”, now it’s they haven’t won a state title in that time??… Just admit you’re a moron with the IQ of a rock, and based on your last line probaby a couple of other things as well!! .

  • Diego says:

    I agree with James WW has been good going back to state championships and goin to the playoffs but where has perry been i havent heard them in any type of championship or playoff wins at all

  • pride says:

    Graduated from Westwood last year and really hate to see people call the school ghetto.. Plenty of students from the school move on to higher education programs and live successful lives… It’s a shame to hear people say that about the school because of the rumors they hear .. It’s high school . kids will be kids . don’t place all of the students under one tent just because a small portion of the kids make questionable decisions. if that was the case, does that mean that all the kids at mountain view are druggies? all of the students at dobson carry STDS ? is mesa ghetto as well ? does red mountain only educate snobby upper class children? grow up and get a clue please .

  • dad says:

    Drive around the neighbothood near Westwood. If that’s not ghetto I don’t know what is. Bottom line the old school familes in the area have all grown up now it’s GHETTO…..

  • wylie coyote says:

    dad or should I say TOOL!! Mesa is defeintely NOT ghetto… look at some places like: LA, Detroit, Baltimore, etc those ARE ghettos there’s NOTHING close to ANYTHING like that in the state… idiot!

  • wfsupporter says:

    wow, a whole lot of judgment going on here folks. Just because a neighborhood is lower income and there are some ghetto-minded kids at the school does not make the whole school or the whole neighborhood ghetto. No doubt there are some hard-working, honest, good people in that neighborhood who just don’t have the means to live somewhere nicer. Instead of lumping them all in one boat and being so judgmental why don’t you just be glad you obviously have it better. It’s pretty darned immature to be so judgmental of people you don’t even know. GROW UP!

  • Sue says:

    Wow you adults should be ashamed of yourselves. What gives you the right the make judgement on if the school is in the ghetto – HAVE YOU BEEN TO SOUTH CENTRAL LA lately. Probably not – I would praise these people to have what they have. It is not about how much money you and what type of home you live – it is about FAMILY. Like wfsupporter stated GROW UP – What ever these boys did – note to DAD – I guess you are the lucky one who has all the money to make judement calls on these hardworking family members – Why don’t you get a life and get off this post.

  • mom says:

    I can’t believe any intelligent adult would catagorize a school as “ghetto”. What’s worse is that you are a Dad. You’re kids don’t stand a chance. They, no doubt will be as arrogant and uncompassionate as their Father. Who cares about the socio-economics of a school? They are kids! They aren’t accountable for their parents economic situation. They play just as hard, and want to win just as much at Westwood, as the kids going to school in an affluent area. The only difference between the boy’s is money and advantage…I can’t believe this is even a discussion!
    Oh, and Diego, you haven’t heard of Perry because they opened two years ago. This will be their first graduating class, and they just moved up to 5A this year, which is pretty awesome being such a young school.

  • pride says:

    your right . you DONT know what ghetto is .

  • Jason says:

    Proudly graduated from WW and was part of the team that went to the state championship in 2000. I think “dad” is confusing the term ghetto with diversity. Sorry we don’t live in some alternate reality with a bunch of wealthy white people around us to make us feel good about ourselves. The truth is, WW is a good school with good families still in the area. As a proof to this, I am currently in medical school at the U of A and there are more kids here from WW than there are from any other school in Mesa, and I think were only second to Brophy as far as total amount of students. I’m not trying to say that this is a complete measure of success, but it does go to show that there are many good folks in west mesa that make WW a great all-around school.

  • CAT says:

    Dad is definatley a tool with out a tool though. LOL , It’s not ghetto there at all. What a racist piece of crap he is.

  • 9mm says:

    I dont know why we are beating around the bush here. Mesa is GHETTO. And so are its schools, maybe its because they pay almost NOTHING in property tax? Trust me, I work for the city of mesa, and I have for 3 years. Westwood and Mesa aren’t the nicest schools for children to attend. No offence to the kids who attend there. I just think that Mesa residence need to stop being so selfish, and pay some damn taxes. Im sure ALL of them, are kicking themselves for not having Cardinals stadium put there. That stadium could of turned that city around.

  • dad says:

    Mesa WW is Ghetto…diversity is one thing. Thugs and gang bangers are another. WW is full of thug gang bangers. So is Mesa High. Like it or not people it’s GHETTO!!! Ya there ar a few token mormons still around but thigs are rampis in both those areas. Wake upo to reality. I watched WW varsity Football play Mesquite last year and thought I was watching a Pop Warner team. WW glory days are over…they ended in the 80’s….

  • Tom says:

    Dad is right…WW is ghetto….!!! Poor is one thing, ghetto is another…It’s GHETTO

  • smirgley says:

    Hey “dad” sure u can relate to Pop Warner, only level(if that) that you ever played I’m sure!! Listen the fact that you were one of the first male cheerleaders is something u should be proud of! no reason for all this latent anger and hostility so many years later. I’m sure your partner is proud of you as well!

  • Jenny Richardson says:

    Wow. The ignorance of some is amazing! I have 2 kids at Westwood right now, with 4 more to come. Both of my WW students play sports on top ranked teams, sing in award winning choirs, have great GPA’s, have great friends and feel safe and well educated at school. I volunteer my time there, and find the school to be full of hard working teachers and administrators. You’d obviously be surprised at the reality of our “ghetto.” I live 2 blocks from the school in an area where homes are routinely above 3,000 square feet on 1/2 acre lots. I graduated from Westwood…and while a lot has changed in 20 + years, it is still a great place to be. But “dad,” please stay where you are. I don’t think you are our kind of parent.

  • PeaceKeeper says:

    I think that this whole discussion about WW’s surrondings and student body has been taken way out of proportion. Let’s change the subject to the suspension of the 11 players on Perry. Before the game on friday, I thought Perry might have a chance with Tauren Darnell coming off IR, but I guess not. There are multiple excuses of why Perry lost, but I think the suspension of the 11 players was the main reason why.

  • mom says:

    You are right Peacekeeper–I was rooting for the Pumas to win without the eleven, but lost by one point. Westwood wasn’t near the team I thought and was totally beatable–too bad. The eleven will be back this week, hopin’ the coach isn’t a grudge holder!

  • smirgley says:

    The whole “Perry was without 11 players” story/excuse is so old and pathetic! Let’s break down the REALITY of the whole scenario: First, who cares about the “ELEVEN” players suspended!!!! There were 4 Perry STARTERS out, period that’s the only part that even has ANY relevance! Secondly, for the record, WW was without 2 of it’s starters due to injury, again the “reason” for players being out aside, bottom line, Perry missing 4 starters, WW missing 2. Then the Perry coach was quoted after the game saying that because of being short handed, several of his kids had to play both ways. WW has EIGHT players that play both way EVERY GAME, EVERY WEEkK!!! You don’t think from a fatigue/wear down factor that is as important as the fact that Perry was without 11 players. WW dresses 30 varsity players each week, I counted Perry’s number of dressed players out of curiousity that night and they had 45 plus player even without the other 11!!!, that’s 55 plus kids total dressing varsity for Perry at full strength, r u kidding me????, they Perry were at the disadvantage “numbers wise” I can tell as someone VERY close to WW’s program and I will be totally honest, the BIG problem is our kids did take Perry much too lightly because of their schedule and the fact they were missing some players(played BY FAR the their worst half of football this year in that first half!!!!! I will give the Perry kids credit for playing very fired up, inspired football on their homecoming(and I’m sure those kids wanted to “get the back” so to speak of the players who were suspended so they wouldn’t feel as bad about missing the game and costing their team! Bottom line when the smoke cleared, our kids woke up, rose to the occasion and played their own inspired football in the second half, winning the game and dodging a bullet!!!

  • mom says:

    Actually, it was seven starters that were missing from Perry. It was a great win for Westwood.

  • smirgley says:

    Severn starters mom???? where did you get that number from? I was told by 2 people in the know, one said 4, the other 5? but seven??? that’s really hard to believe! anyway, time to put this whole discussion to rest, even I’m burnt out by it! :) On to week 6! We play Marcos this week in what obviously will be a very, very tough game for WW. We played very competitvely against two good teams in RM and Mesa in losses early in the season so will see what happens this week against MDN.

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