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Corona football coach interviews begin Saturday

Posted by on December 9, 2010 – 4:33 pm

Corona del Sol will conduct its first round of interviews for the school’s football coach opening this weekend.

Former Mountain View coach Tom Joseph and Saguaro offensive coordinator Matt Lewis both said this week that they will interview. Internal assistants Tim Kelly and Ken Olson will also interview.

An exact number of candidates wasn’t immediately known. The Aztecs would like to have finalists for the position named sometime next week, make its selection in the next 10 days and have it approved by the school board at its Jan. 5 meeting.

The interview panel consists of principal Susan Edwards, district athletic director Dr. Ken Salas, Corona athletic director Dan Nero, three Corona teachers, two parents of football players still part of the program and one community member.

It’s the second time in a year the Aztecs have had to go through this process. The school fired Zane Zamenski last month after one season at the school after a second investigation revealed more inappropriate conduct and having a player practice despite not being cleared by the team medical staff after a concussion.

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  • Kingsluggo says:

    Please don’t pick Joseph. He’s a retread.

    Plus eliminate Fake Tan and Nero Zero from the committee. Fire both of these losers.

    The guy from Saguaro is money.

  • Aztek says:

    I think Kingsluggo is Lewis promoting himself. The guy is not money.

  • Kingsluggo says:

    How is he not money? State championships? High powered offenses? Please.

    Kelly and Olsen are used up. Time for some new blood. (And not that Fake Tan or Nero Zero pick). A real, qualified coach.

  • zoolow says:


    Anyone who has followed this story, looked at the articles, and read the comments from the articles knows you have been one of the most vocal posters. It is also clear following your comments that you are like a mindless leach latching on to any person or idea to make you seem knowledgeable and relevant. Lewis is simply your flavor of the week, which is fine, from most accounts he seems like a great coach, but let’s be clear he is simply the newest coach you’ve latched onto. In the past while you have been crowding this site with your mindless chatter you have mentioned Rutt from Hamilton, Nenaber from Maricopa and corona’s special teams coach last year, you even made a fool of yourself by suggesting that Scooter Molander was an option (yes I know he played QB for Corona back in the day).

    You were probably one of the people thrilled when Venturo was finally forced to retire. You were also most likely happy when they hired off campus and brought in an “offensive mastermind” in Zamenski. Obviously you turned on him when things got sour, it will only be a matter of time before you are thrilled with the next hire and then again disgusted with the choice of the selection committee.

    For all of the posting you have done on this site you have not once done anything to advance the conversation nor have you ever presented an opinion or idea that could help the football program progress past this problematic year. You have the mind of a prepubescent boy with your constant name calling and childish nicknames, as well as your inability to form, articulate or support a well thought out opinion or solution to the problems you love to complain about.

    This will be my first, last, and only post because while sometimes you do learn a thing or two from reading these comments, obviously nothing productive comes from it. I simply felt the need to illustrate to you how people view you based on your internet posts.

  • keith Meschke says:

    Gee, it’s just high school football. big deal. Sounds as if the job is important.

  • Kingsluggo says:


    I think you meant leech. But, you’ll never know of your error since you will no longer visit the site. Boo hoo. Just in case you continue reading:

    I provided three excellent candidates. You have provided zero. Since this is a conversation based on CdS hiring a new coach, after the disaster which was coach ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, I am entitled to offer my opinion on options. I happen to have been a big fan of Coach V, (which you would know, if you read my other posts numbnuts). Sounds like you’ve got your panties in a bunch, like you have a vested interest in who is hired as HC. That’s pathetic…time to break out of your parent’s basement, and live your life.

  • Kingsluggo7 says:

    Here we go some more. Kingsluggo is a broken record … fire Nero … fake tan … Coach ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Everytime he posts he’s behind a different coaching prospect. Please go away.

  • Kingsluggo says:


    You were up to Kingsluggo_6A. 6B should have been next Please review your numbering system to correct this error.

    Pick Lewis! He wins championships!!! Fire Fake Tan! fire Nero!!

  • Kingsluggo says:

    Got confirmation that one of my picks is out.


    – HATES the principal.

    – The compensation is not at the level with what his district pays.

  • whatssup says:

    It won’t matter who Corona hires. We are an older high school and the talent is no longer here. Evidence is the JV teams have won one game over three years. Time for the Corona parents to accept that the glory days are over. Have you seen the new division? You really think we can compete with Hamilton, DV, Basha, Mesquite and Gilbert? Forget football, we will have a difficult time at all sports competing in this division.

  • whatssup says:

    Sorry, the new division has the two 5A1 schools in the State Championship Hamilton and Desert Ridge. The rest of the schools are Chandler, Gilbert, Mesquite, Highland, Dobson and Skyline. We should win against Skyline and Dobson and compete with Highland. The other schools we will struggle to match up with.

  • Aztek says:

    Who is out Kingsluggo?

  • the truth says:

    I agree with this sluggo guy, fire edwards. To let you all know a little about what she did for this coach Z, he has a 6/5 contract, meaning he gets paid more. His extra class is a morning weight training class which he has made optional and now only has 4 students in it. His 1st hour class has 5 students. In these hard economic times how did Edwards do this? I feel the district should be investigating her also. I am interested in who is out though?

  • Kingsluggo says:

    I’d rather not say.

    I can tell you I have never met Lewis, so I am not referring to him.

    This pay scale thing may be very limiting for CdS. (Also the fact that this candidate said verbatim, “I can’t stand the principal”).

    I have yet to find a single person, (no matter what your take on who should be selected), who has a good thing to say about her. Nero either.

  • Aware says:


    Maybe you shouldn’t be the spokesperson for Lewis cause you sound like half a tard by yourself. Retread? Really? Also Kelly deserved the job last year and he knows what he is doing. He has everything that someone is looking for in a coach. He doesn’t tolerate screwing around during practice or during a game. He makes sure all the players’ maintain high GPA.(No ineligibility under his watch) And he always admits his mistakes. (which are very few) If Corona wants a better season next year they will choose Kelly.

  • Aztek says:

    Is it Roger Kingsluggo?

  • Aztek says:

    Gotta be Nenaber then.

  • Aztek says:

    i mean nenaber is the one that has dropped out.

  • the truth says:

    you are wrong, he is not out

  • Aztek says:

    Well then who if it’s not Schenk, Lewis, or Nenaber that dropped out. King said someone dropped out because of the principal and pay.

  • Kingsluggo says:

    Hamilton assistant dropped out.

  • the truth says:

    They interviewed 6 people

  • husker says:

    Yes. Schenks, Nenaber, Joseph, Lewis, Kelly, and Olsen. Reynolds from Hamilton never applied.

  • husker says:

    Joseph offered but now rumored in Tucson to be taking AD job at Tucson. Don’t look for Lewis if Joseph declines. It will be Kelly or Olsen. Lewis is a great assistant but not HC calibur.

  • anon says:

    So, Joseph, Lewis, Olsen, Kelly – do you know the other 2? Just praying it’s not Olsen.

  • husker says:

    Nenaber and Roger Schenks

  • akid says:

    If Olsen gets it, there will be kids who won’t play. If Kelly gets it, there will be kids who won’t play. Corona needs an outsider…a good one this time.

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