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Would replay have helped the Mountain View-Hamilton outcome?

Posted by on February 25, 2011 – 11:22 pm

In one of the strangest finishes this ink-stained wretch has ever seen, you can make a plausible case that Hamilton should have beaten Mountain View (or, at least, had extra opportunities to tie the game and force overtime). Instead, a bizarre non-seen, non-call put the Toros girls basketball team into next week’s 5A Division I state semifinals against Chandler.

First a disclaimer:  Exhale, and realize that one play doesn’t win or lose a game;  Not even trying to make a game-winning shot while playing 6-on-5 for the final six seconds.

Hamilton couldn’t make shots all night (except, to its credit, the final three minutes of the game). The Huskies had all kinds of chances in the first quarter when Mountain View kept turning the ball over. Layups and open shots were repeatedly missed. And, to the Toros credit, they handled Hamilton’s full-court press much better in the second half. The Toros’ backcourt (Rene Coggins, Arnecia Hawkins and Ciarra Guthrie) made more plays.

That said, what happened at the end should never be allowed in a state tournament game. Or, at least, from the semifinals onward.

There should be instant replay available to referees for certain “yes-or-no,” black-and-white situations. If it can’t be done because of the number of games at various sites, then at least once we get down to the final four.

Friday night was a quarterfinal game which means it was one of eight girls games going on in Class 5A, plus at least the possibility of other semifinals or even championships going on elsewhere. That makes it extremely difficult for the AIA to have replay monitors and staff available at every site.

Starting next week for the semifinals and championships, all 5A games are at Jobing.com Arena. The 4A games that conclude this weekend were also all played there. All 2A and 1A games were at Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott last weekend.

At one location, it should be more manageable from a cost, management and equipment perspective.

On Friday, Hamilton was agitated at the foul discrepancy in favor of Mountain View, but that’s a futile waste of energy (and is always in the eye of team it feels is being wronged).  Deciding whether a player was fouled, traveled or double-dribbled should always be left to the officials.

It’s about calls such as time remaining on the clock, whether a buzzer-beater actually beat the buzzer, whether a player stepped out of bounds, whether a shot was made from behind the arc.

Playing 6-on-5 counts as one of those situations. In this case, the combination of referees and a screen seeing six Mountain View players on the court, which the officials didn’t notice in the game’s final six seconds.

Judgement calls – 90 percent of each game – aren’t going to change or be changed; Nor should they.

Hamilton will send in the tape to the AIA, but the Huskies are figuring they won’t get a response of any kind. If the AIA sees what almost everyone (including Mountain View’s bench) eventually saw, at least an acknowledgement and apology is in order.

Tangibly, there’s nothing that can change what happened Friday night. Mountain View won the game, and the Toros played well enough in the second half that they deserve to move on.

But Hamilton should feel slighted. You can argue either way whether the Huskies “deserved” to win, but they did deserve a fair chance at the end to find out.

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  • Jeri says:

    Of course replay is necessary, there should also b 3 officials. It’s a big game, a title is at stake and there’s big dreams for girls that work hard to get to this point. Replays should be necessary for big game. Or, get rid of incompetent officials.

  • hoopgirl says:

    I can only imagine if the roles were reversed and the huskies (so called cheaters) had a 6th man on the court – i would bet money that the officials would not have RUN out of the gym as they did. You bet that time would have been put back on the clock and the technicals would have been awarded to Mtn View. Something to ponder! Hmmmm

  • papi says:

    Really? This is High School ball, not college or pro where there are millions of dollars involved. Referees have been making mistakes since for ever. Lets not raise a high school activity to something that it is not. Maybe 3 refs in the playoffs but let’s not forget that this is High School.

  • Rick R says:

    One would think that OFFICIAL RULES could offset the plea for that dreaded “CAMERA REPLAY”–Why not require that game officials insure that after all time outs; Lead official count the players on the floor before starting play. If for any good reason, it would further insure that the game officials would “AT LEAST” be “EARNING THE EXCESSIVE MONIES” being paid.

  • Roger Pearson says:

    Jeri is correct: incompetent officials. The officials’ responsibility is to count players on the floor before handing the ball to the inbounder. Placing the ball on the floor, out-of-bounds at the point of entry at least twice to speed the game up, they should have shown professional courtesy to both teams. In a game this important to the programs of Mountain View and Hamilton, an extra moment taken by a warning or physically walking to the huddle to end a timeout earlier in the contest, would have shown the confidence and experience of the two making the rapid executive decisions. It is too bad the AIA has no recourse for the outcome of the game or assigning those officials. Worse yet, it is too bad for both schools to have the final 6 seconds tarnish an exciting girls’ basketball game.

  • Raymie says:

    Have you considered calling the NFHS in Indianapolis? They’d be much more able to deal with this…

  • D says:

    People assume Hamilton would’ve made the technical FT and assumed they would’ve won the game, had it been called….6 on 5 should’ve been called, but it doesn’t mean Hamilton would’ve necessarily made good on it….MVT moves on, deal w/it.

  • Post It says:

    So someone please post the final seconds to YouTube.

  • c'mon says:

    We need to move on. It was a heart breaking loss for Hamilton. Enough of the “only if”…Bottom line is that the AIA needs to start sanctioning officials that make obvious, incompetent mistakes and start making apologies so that players, parents and fans can move on. These two officials called a good game. They did a solid job. Unfortunetly, their lack to detail at a critical point of the game ruined what was a great game in which high school players battled. These kids train all season for these opportunities. These two officials need to be disciplined. Don’t allow them to do tournament games next year, something. It was their job to make sure the game was played fairly from start to finish. They didn’t. That’s what they get paid to do. Do what is right AIA. Sanction and an apology.

  • devils84 says:

    I think Mt View looks so stupid to not even be organized enough to send out 6 players, What do they think they were doing. Good thing it didn’t cost them the game. If the technical would have been called they would have looked so stupid to end their season that way when they had the game won. I really don’t feel to bad for hamilton cause I’m still wanting to know what ever became of the investigation on some of their soccer players that weren’t supposed to be playing in the playoffs. That story seemed to have faded away just like this one will eventually. Good luck toros, don’t mess up next game.

  • Joane hinklyey says:

    DEAL WITH IT HAMILTON!!!!! It’s all about coaching and you have none plain and simple. You never have and you never will make it all the way due to the fact not one of your coaches can coach.

  • Huskies says:

    Excuse me Joane, this has absolutley NOTHING to do with the coaches. It is the matter of having 6 players on the court. Hamilton deserved the chance to see if they could have won that game whether you want to believe it or not. And do NOT say that Hamilton will never make it to the championship due to the coaching. They are so many talented girls on that team with the heart and desire to win. I just feel bad that the seniors had to have their last game end like that.

  • A- says:

    we should all be mad about the arizona reffs, they are the main problem when it comes to reffing any type of sport games. a Tech shud have been called plus the “look-like” intentional foul with a sec left ito the game.. their job is too watch the game and make sure they carry on the rules of the game. the major rule of basketball is to have only ten players on the court!! they obviously did not do their job!! because all together there was 11 (mountain view sixth player).. coaching really has nothing to do with it, and karma has nothing to do with it either.

    with this argument i think replay should be reguired when playoff games are occuring.. the reffs are not going to catch it so might as well look a obvious evidenve from film to catch the reffs blind mistakes!!

  • WinAtAnyCOST says:

    Read the story and comments for “SURPRISE HEARTBREAKER: Horizon’s buzzer beater leaves Valley Vista reeling.” Valley Vista got the shaft more than Hamilton and it is not even in the papers. Horizon cheats and gets to go on to the semi-finals and Valley Vista has proof (pictures and videos) and the AIA will do nothing but a slap on the hand to the program. Two hard fought games and they both have to end on decisions made by incompetent refs who don’t know the rules or are not prepared for these close games. Three refs for state games should seriously looked into.
    I will never understand why high calibur teams have to cheat to win, I guess the coach had no confidence in the girls to do it on their own. SAD!!!!!!

  • hilarious says:

    apparently some here think hamilton’s coach can’t coach..probably coz he didnt cheat

    obviously mountain view’s coach knows how to coach.. he won them the game BY CHEATING… if that’s good coaching in your book.. you’re a moron.

    anyways, i hope the referees in that game retire.. they have no business being in that position.. they should get booed every single game they officiate.. EVER.

    “we feel fortunate” .. yeah we feel fortunate for being able to get away with cheating.. nice one!

  • hhsbasketball says:

    anyone remember when hamilton boys basketball got screwed against st marys in the semis? this is all too familiar.

  • Nate says:

    This girls have more to learn from a lost then another win.

  • b242 says:

    @papi. Sad!! but unfair! wither it’s “just” high school… the rules are the same through out grade school into the NBA.*RULES ARE RULES* and besides sports or any program that runs consistantly through out grade school into high school is to prepare them for eventually collage and pro. i could only imagine if ‘Hamilton’ violated a rule within the 6sec..what would they have done then??? she should have gotten a free throw shot or at least the ref. should have put back the 6sec on the clock.

  • mike says:

    I guess people don’t have better to talk about now days. Be happy for the winning team, and stop support this caoch who “thinks” his team is better. If body did anything to turn the outcome, the meaning of sport is fack and we should not wast young people time so they can cliam a name for youselves. If you couldn’t deal with the score at court, all you have to do it try to play better next time ( next year) and have little more points where shot wouldn’t make a difference. Other wise try to get a life coach or maybe coaching is not for you. Baby coachs don’t apply in any sport. I don’t like yahoo for posting this stuppid, and none sense idea. Is he paying you something to post it? what happened to people manners?

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