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Emotions hot after Basha-Desert Ridge game

Posted by on October 6, 2012 – 1:17 am

It’s probably safe to say the Basha and Desert Ridge coaching staffs won’t be sending each other holiday cards this December.

Following Friday’s 48-28 win by the Jaguars, Desert Ridge coach Jeremy Hathcock and his assistants were visibly upset because they believed the Basha coaching staff was directing unsavory comments toward their players during the action.

Hathcock became agitated in the handshake line but was quickly ushered to the north end zone by one of his assistants. There, the Desert Ridge players hoisted up an assistant coach on their shoulders and danced around while looking across the field at Basha. 

Bears coach Bernie Busken said his staff didn’t appreciate it.

“Our people were upset with the way they acted,” Busken said.

Hathcock was flustered after the game, so much so that he had trouble talking about his team’s performance.

“I’m a little fired up,” he said.

Busken said he heard a negative comment come from one of his coaches in the first quarter, but that a nearby official told him to stop. After that, he said he didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary from his sideline. The Desert Ridge staff obviously disagreed.

“I just think maybe both groups were excited,” Busken said.

Despite the raw emotions, both sides left without further incident.

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  • TNT says:

    What its with the assistant coaches lately. You shouldn’t hear anything from them, they’re assistants not the HC.. Stop acting like the first three letters of ass-istant & just Coach you’re position with your mouth shut.

  • brivette00 says:

    Basha has always been a bunch of sore losers!!!! fans had to be removed by police a few years back from a baseball game at DR!!!!

  • al says:

    I’m sure the coaches on both sides have their own versions of the story. Lets not forget it isn’t about them, it’s about the football players. These coaches are suppose to be role models for these young men. That did not seem to be the case on the Bashas sideline last night. Bernard Busken already has a record a mile long for his reckless and unacceptable behavior while working with our youth. What an embarrassment to Basha HS and the Chandler School Dist.. I hope some action will be taken by the school district so this does not happen again.

  • chandlerdad says:

    Coaches making negative comments is as Bush as it gets. In every sport the unwritten rule is that opposing players and coaches do not have any verbal sparring. How could a district as respected as Chandler hire a loser in James, and then let him hire Busken and then the basketball coach Burns. Both of long documented history of abuse.

  • fred says:

    5 personal fouls against the bears on the JV game, the previous night. Two Basha player ejections, one each half, as well as one Desert Ridge ejection for retaliation. I think there is an inferiority complex….. Desert Ridge should feel honored.

  • fred says:

    Basha players do play incredibly hard on all levels in football.

  • Big Dog says:

    If you weren’t there you shouldn’t say a thing. How about the two Desert Ridge coaches that almost got into a fist fight on the sideline and had to be seperated. You can say all you that it’s just High School football but its still about winning, just ask any coach; not that they would say it to the media.

  • SAM says:

    Having been to the game.. it was the Basha Dad’s call JJ husar a “Traitor” that the coaches probably heard.. officiating was horrible throughout and the helmet ripped from a DR player in the last minutes without a call was enough to put the coaches over the edge.

  • Jaguar MOM says:

    A few of the Dads on the Basha’s side were chanting “Traitor” so bad we had Bears fans come to the DR side to finish watching the game. #24 JJ Husar was getting most of the abuse from the one player while the assistant coaches were screaming profanities at the kids on the field. The kid just wanted to play ball, I read the interviews and he said it was another game. He did not say anything bad about his former team or provoke this kind of action.

    The 2 coaches on the DR side were going at it because one of the players got his helmet ripped off and was getting punched and he was trying to get on the field and across the field to the Basha coaches. This should never have happened and the officiating was horrible at best, Basha went the second half without one penalty for all the shinnanigans that were going on. The last 2 TD’s scored by Basha were because the coaches just wanted the kids off the field and the game over.

    Not all of the team was that way I seen several players help kid’s up from Desert Ridge. Has high school football come to this or is was it just an isolated incident by an angry coach who wanted retribution for a player that left? Chandler had players on their team that transferred from Basha last year and the fans did not call them traitors, the coaches were not screaming profanities at those kids from the sidelines.

    I think there should be some sort of investigation into the this and the guilty parties should be suspended from playing and coaching. This is just another black mark on the Basha school to go along with all the other ones that have happened since Busken was hired at Basha. The AIA investigations after last season and all the coaching changes not to mention the abnormally large amount of transfers out of Basha to other schools.

    Shame on you parents for saying those things from the stands and even worse the coaches that were saying those horrible things to the kids on the playing field. I guess that is the only game you had was running your mouths and making your school look like its full of ignorant people.

  • Hamhock says:

    Thursday October 11, 2012 Basha JV vs Perry JV at Perry High School.

    A large group of Basha kids were all sitting together on Perrys’ side in the stands. When a Perry player was injured on what appeared to be a hit on a defenseless player(although no penalty was called), this group of Basha kids (remember, sitting in Perrys’ stands)began yukking it up, jeering, and yelling “Good hit!”. A Basha player was injured and when he got to his feet, the Perry fans clapped sincerely for his well being…and shortly thereafter, when the injured Perry player was helped to his feet, not a single clap could be heard from the Basha fans.

    Food for thought:
    Could one assume, that this is perhaps why the Basha kids acted as they did and / or do? They simply learned it from their parents? Or is it possible that the Basha High School Athletic Department not only condones this type of behavior, but they may actually promote it as well?

    My opinion:
    The Basha players most certainly won the game (congratulations to them – they are very talented), but the losers last night weren’t necessarily the Perry football players…they could very well have been the Basha fans.

    And finally:
    Let’s hope that tonights’ rivaled match-up between their two Varsity squads will be played in the true spirit of competiton and sportsmanship….as football was intended to be played….and that the non-combatents (fans and coaches) will bring with them some civility, and have compassion, empathy, and respect for ALL people. Let’s face it, a 28-27 final with NO injuries and NO “incidents” would be awesome, no matter who stands on the podium as the victor.

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